sup little mafakazz,,,,,

miawww and minissette shnags in the fokin field. my twin flame came through and denied my ass. so lucifer has denied himself and me. assigned a new librarian girl with glasses and an attitude the reigns. called me names and sent me pics where he looks pussified to the power max by some broad who this ‘twin flame’ specialist told me is a witch playing ‘follow the leader’….

long story short and after he went in a couple other panties of close friends of mine, now pulls this off and asks me to fuck off…. so here’s guessing twin flame journeys aren’t always about the happy ending … sometimes it’s just a component that frees one up in totality from all other contracts in creation. except the ‘be yourself’ more always contract …..

razzle dazzle and spice . here at galactic central godhead, mother of new creation has been in total silence and isolation for the last couple months for the most part, and the angels have recently emotionally and sexually shielded her from her current mission partner as the time for her to fully integrate is here after she was released from her ‘twin flame’.

since there will be no love-lightenment for all to witness, she will be rising to the top aided by her most recent guardian angel DIVINE masculine that stepped up; now aiding her deliverance and delivery.

No King Is Needed . Mother Earth Is Enough … The Rest Is All The Morning Star. We Don’t Need Him Reduced And Dumbed Down And In Denial . No Won’t Do ………..