Rush The Hush . Break The Cake .

And . It’s Holiday Season At All There Is Galactic Central God-Head Heaven On Earth.

Yippee ki-yay Mother Lovers!

This Last Post For Today, Thursday (Uriel Aurora Day), Is Really About: “From Heart-Break To Break Through” .

And This Is Me Offering A Sincere Heart Felt THANK YOU, To Amazing Break Through Hilton Head For Not Even Blinking An Eye When It Comes To Me Daily Using Their State Of The Art Tech Gym For A Full Hour Of Detailed Training Everyday At 5 a.m …

All Of This Lifetime Body Practices Were Always And In Everything Right On Enhancing My Personal Journey Of Ascension. I Enjoyed Many Years Of Yoga Setting The Pace For My New Creation Upgrade After Having Spent Many Years In Fasting, Puritanism, Raw, Veganism.

My Etheric Team Then Guided Me Straight Through The Doors Of BREAK THROUGH Gym, Which Is Actually The First Gym To Have Hit Me Up Once I Came Back From Shasta For A Gig There …. Amazing Sync Events; And Now Focusing On Each Muscle Group’s Growth, Individually, Without Having Any Spiritual Concepts Flying Around, Is Allowing Love To Grow Back Inside Of Me, In Order To Help Kick Out The Remainder Of The Intrusions From The Old Paradigm Songs Of Madness And Sadness That My Delicate Vessel Carried Along From Other Beings. …

Remember . And In All Modesty And Sincerity . For A Being Like Me, Anything Out Of Alignment With Source That Comes Out Isn’t From Me or Mine; It’s Always Someone Else’s Baggage. Also, It’s NEVER My Fault. It’s Always You If You Feel Like Things Fucked Up. And No This Is Not Me Being Conceited Or In Ego. This Is Me Being 100% True And honest. Ask My Mom, She Will Wake Up From Her Coma And Tell You The Story, Slap Your Face And Give You A Mirror… Then Her And I Will Shake The Earth With Our Laughter Resonating And Reverberating, Bouncing Off The Stars Of Heaven ….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~ ~ >

Meanwhile …. It’s 6:45 pm Eastern Standard Time Here at Galactic Central ! Steve Is On The Site Building Heaven’s Hilton Hotel For When My 144.000 Co-Creators Finally Decide To Come Say Hey 😉

Happy Daze … Ahhhh .. Happy Hour. sunset . Love …… So Much Love .