From Ecstasy .. To Attraction .. To Dreams .. To Belief .. To Action .. To Faith, Then Hope .. Now Reality .

And Here Goes . Reality . Check . 1. 2 .

Heaven On Earth She Said. And Did. And Does. And Still.

In Truth, Heart Was Shut Down On Milky Way. There Is No Heart On Planet Earth .

We All However Know The Formula: Earth=Heart . How Come There Still Is A Planet Earth Then; Minus The Heart?

That’s How Come : The Assholes Chose To Break My Heart So :

It’s Now Called Planet Earth=Heart-Break …

Yup. Are You Not Fucked Over And Heart Broken … Dude Ur Such A Douche … Go To Another Planet That Is Such A Loser And Loves Love …… Earth Is Too Cool For True Love. So Bug Off.



Well As You All Notice, This Planet Has Strayed Huge From It’s Own Destiny And Divine Path And It’s Inhabitants All Seem To Justify That So Well Cos They Like It.

It’s Inhabitants Hate Heart.

And I’m Stuck Here.

So I Cry / On Heartbreak Planet.

Want Me To Lead You Home Into The Light? LOL …. You Do U Huni .

And Fuck You Too.

I’m Doin Me And Believe Me. I Will Overcome Your Motherfucking Ass-dick-Cunt Faces And Restore My Heart.

In Truth I Have Compassion For Y’All.

Too . Sad.

Standard American Diet.

Corn Syrup Generation Of Heart-Wrecking Lost Souls.

It’s All Me And Just Me.

Love And The Unknowable Created Me At Some Point. The Unknowable Decided To Gift Me With A Special Gift: The BREAK .

Love Had No Idea When It Agreed To Love The Unknown That I Would Be “Weeping Mother Mary”, Eternally Unsatisfied, Heart-Break Island Hotel.

It’s Time To Know What Is Up Behind The Unknowable.

Hi Dad What’s Up . Gimme A Break Already.