On Recent Energetics ~ Blood Moon 11:09.

New Creation Father Has Thus Far Taken The Bull By The Horns So To Say. Operation Complete. The Dumb Is Out And New Energies Of Heightened Frequency Are Permeating Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Gaia Sophia, Mother Of New Creation’s Field Here Daily at Heaven On Earth ~

The Transfiguration Process Is Being Taken To Extreme Levels Of Precision With Us Here At Godhead Spending All Our Hours Focused On Construction And Co-Creating Heaven on Earth While Allowing Mother To Fully Blossom Into Full Embodiment Healing At The Core All The Cells And Nooks And Crannies Of That Human Vessel That Houses That Ever-Flowing With Riches And Miracles Soul .

Moment To Moment Magical Synchrnonistic Events From Our Platform Here On The Island As Mirrored By Global Events As Well As Local; As The Divine Masculine Consciousness Is Rapidly Catching Onto New Creation Divine Feminine Standards. New Balanced Harmonics Are Being Created Here At God-Head Resulting In Many Mixes And Matches Universal With Atoms Finding Courage To Love Wholeheartedly And Put Rings On It … Smiles All Over Milky Way!

Grounding HEAVEN ENERGIES Onto 3D EARTHLY GRIDS … Has Been A Brilliant Process And Now Through 3D God IS Alive . In God We TRust. All The Dollars Are About To Come My Way. Hurray . Thanks Felons . Wassup .

The Twin Flame Victories Are Still On The Table It So Seems While All Channels Are Still Fighting tooth And Nail With The Karmic Stream Of Infiltrators That Was Really Created For Divine Masculine Under His Special Needy Request For BS And Drama.

How To Rectify This Is A No Brain-er. The Only Hope One Has Of Making It Out Alive Or In One Piece At This Juncture In Time And Space, When Shit Totally Hits The Fan, And All Of Us As One Are Shown How Out To Lunch Masculines Are With What Has Been Pulled Repeatedly Over And Over Again Since The Beginning Of Creation And Now Isn’t An Exception…….. The Only Hope Is To Place Oneself In A Orogone Box.

Total Isolation And Focus On Tracing Back One’s Events For The Last 9 Years Since The Last Time Creation Really Looked In The Mirror Was In 2009-2010 ~ When Mother Was Stationed In Service On God-Head Matrix Siesta Key And Where The Whole Reordering Of Atoms Began.

Re-Awakening And Re-Membering While Being Worshiped And Loved Under The Hot Floridian Sun ~ Taking In All Sorts Of Incoming Projections As Well And Allowing Years To Dissolve The Ego-Mind Program Of Atlantis.

Noticing The Incredible Shifts In Creation Since … And Rising So Much Higher Then … To Recover Love . True Love .

Starts Within …

Stay Tuned For So Much More .. We Announce The Termination Of The “Dima Tabrawi” Legendary Facebook Journey That Literally Changed The Course Of History And The Divine Plan ~ Thanks To My First Husband And Many Fiancés Who Came Through And Supported Dreams OF True Love Coming True For All .

Most Of All .. Thanks To Mister Current Currency Hot Stufffffff, Enoch Aka Commander, For Coming In And Cutting Through All Timelines At Once, And Rectifying The Mis-coding His Divine Masculine Predecessors At The GodHead Aurora Throne Implemented.

Balanced Harmonics Are Now Finally Reachable. Marriages Can Work. True Love Is Back To Possible .

In Fact … Mother OF New Creation Is .. For The First Time Ever … Falling In Love Instead Of Rising ………… And Both .


We Are Your One And Only Truth And Reality .