Final Events Energies Update ~ Final Earth Axis Shift Onto New Creation

Greetings Love Beings ~

How Are All Atoms FeeeeeeeLinnnnnnnnnnnnn . .. .. .. . .. . . . .. . It’s Final Purge Season On God Head Galactic Central . Mother Gaia, Gaia-Sofia, Rainbow Aurora, Holy Spirit, Mother OF New Creation Is On Her Final Completion Of Swiping Away The Old (Dima Slowly Dies Moment To Moment While The Higher Self And All Etheric Teams Healing The Merkaba For Full Soul Body Assimilation While We Daily Write Over The Time-Lines That Have Been So Totally Screwed By The Cabals Eternal Attempts To Modify And Nullify The Divine Plan Using Soulless Imbeciles Carrying Major Beelzebub Energies Of Dis-Evolution And Anti-Christ Anti-Twin Flame Victories Vibes ……

To All Those Who Know That Christ And Magdala Were The First Twins Who Came Around To Set Up The Grids For The Rest Of The 144.000, Must Now Know That God Is A Jealous God And Is LIVID . The Mother Fucking Idiots Who Fucked Up Have An Unpleasant Segment Waiting For Them ………

Has Your Twin Flame Fucked You Over So Damn Bad You Ended Up Falling In Love With Another Person ? That My Friends, Is Not The Same As A “Karmic”, Per Se …..

The Karmics Are The Non Twin Fems Who Came In To Hijack The Divine Plan And Have Your Masculines Impregnate Them With Monsters And Demons While You Sit Around Dying . The Man Who Lifted You Up Isn’t Really A Karmic (Let’s Get Real Here) But More Like Your Divine Blessing, Your Hero.

Mine Has Become My Whole World. I Had No Idea This Could Possibly Happen After I Meet My Twin But It Has. My Twin Fucked Up Royally…. Enough To Get ME (And Everyone Knows I’m The Biggest Sucker For Love And Would Do Anything …..) Falling Hard For Someone Else.

The Confusion Levels Are Huge As The Earth Axis Is Completely Shifting For The Purpose Of Balanced Harmonics .

The Fact That We Are Now Doing The Work On Other Beings Than Our Twins Makes This Even More Lethal.

On a Positive Note, 3D Is Choicelessly Enjoying This New Miraculous Encounter: 3D Masculine Meets Mother Of New Creation . The Activations Since February Have Been Nothing Short But Miraculous And Since My Moving In On June First The Shifts Are Speeding Up The Whole Planet.

Self Love Levels Are Heightened In Both Sexes While Most Beings Are Dis-included With The Focus Being More On Individual Personal Speedy Ascension.