On … The FBI’s Recent Involvement.

A Necessary Action Was Taken. And It Is Serving The Collective Well.

The Energies At Galactic Central Are ~ A Deep Level Of Connection. We Are At Breakthrough (Daily 5:00 a.m. Galactic Central Local Time .. LOL) Point ~

As Well As On Planetary Levels.

The Ease Through Which Information And Specific Targeted Nano Bolts OF Power Sent Forth To Re-Awaken At The Deepest Of Levels Are Reaching And Piercing, Is Fascinating.

The Kindness That Is Awakening In The Darkest Hearts Is Almost Addictive. The Old Cling On Energetics Are Still Being Evacuated From DNA Structures.

Have You Watched. Singularity ~ ? ?

And Here Is Why This Article Is Being Created. I Have Last Night, And I Read The Book At 10 Or 11, In French. Singularite.

And Why This Particular Piece Of Information Is Now Being Shared Is Because In The Book This Kid Called Andrew Is Searching For Aurora. Funny But True. And Also The Whole Planet Is Aurora, Hence Milky Way Galaxy Me. In A Nut Shell…. ONE STORY PICTURES AKA DREAMSCAPES999 NOT TWO ~~~~ No Such Thing As Dementia And Dishonoring Of The Divine Feminine And Stealing My Power Getting Other Fems To Pretend They Are Me When I Am Available And In Service 24. No Such Thing As More Than One Me It’s SINGULARITY .

So, Basically Boys And Girls, The Whole Diamond Grid System Was Redone Yet Again This Saturday Morning On 7.7.2018 And Global Divine Masculine New Creation Twin Birthday, As Well As The Whole Weekend Being Used To Set Up A New Level When It Comes To Balanced HArmonics Within And Without.

Happy Birthday Steven Thompson.

The Scales Have Almost Tipped. Finally.

Divine Order Reestablished. Consciousness One Hundred. Etheric Surgeries Now Being Implemented On The Physical. A Total Re-Awakening Of Life On Earth Through Rainbow Aurora’s Body And In Highest Honor And Gratitude To You.

We Are Soon Introducing A Ground-Breaking Product For Your Post Surgeries Upgrades To Assist Your Cells At The DNA Level To Perfectly Embody Your Soul; Stay Tuned!

Thanks To All Inquiries And Session Bookers, As Well As All The Seeds Soon Coming To Fruition! Wooohooo!

~~ To Those On Twin Flame Journeys, Book Your Sessions .. No Energies Or Downloads Out There Have The Same Efficiency As The Ones Provided By Mother OF New Creation At Heaven On Earth Galactic Central.

Thanks For Choose The One, The Only..

The New, The True ~

Aurora Diamond Rainbow AKA Rainbow Aurora.