Heaven On Earth ~


Evolution In Consciousness Is A Personal Choice And Even Though It Leaves You Alone For The Largest Part Of Your Hours Since Associating With Humans Becomes A Real Ordeal When All You Are Able To Physically do Is Start Giving Them Spiritual Surgeries At Hello, Seeing Fallen Entities And Knowing All About Their Consciousness Levels With One Gaze, It IS The Most Worthy Cause Out On This Plane Of Existence.

My Journey Has Had Me Begin With Proving To Myself That Being Financially Covered Is A Pie Of Pie, Which It Was, When I Rocked The Corporate World.

Then The Law Of Attraction Turned Out So Simple To Put Into Action Once One Finds Their Center, And Attracting Miraculous Opportunities Becomes Accessible.

As I Became More Precise On My Attraction Powers, I Started Fast To Ascend The Human Scale Of Possibilities.

What This Looks Like And Feels Like For The Most Part Is A Carousel Ride Around The Sun And Several Layers Have To Be Revisited Until Your Human Experience Is Fully Digested And Old Memories Or Feelings Are As Accessible As A File Well Kept In A Drawer, As One Moves Closer To Perfect Balance Within And Without.

Amazingly Enough, It Took Me A Whole 33 Years To Attain Human Enlightenment Which Basically Can Be Summed Up When One Is Able To Answer Those Questions: “Who Are You And Why Are You Here”.

Can You do That For Yourself? The Answer Wouldn’t Be: “My Name Is Joe And I Am A Retail Specialist”. That Is Your Parent Given Name And Your Serendipity Karmatic Job That You Scored Somewhere Along The Way . It Is Not Who You Really Are Or Why You Really Are Here.

After Finding Out My God Given Name And Mission, I Have Stood My Ground To All Sorts Of Destabilizing Forces That Were Trying And Still Are Trying To Steal My Identity And To Destroy Me By Every Means Possible.

I Recently Once Again Got Scammed By Intrusive Numbers Who Keep Calling Me And Stealing Funds With My Consent (Making Believe They Are The Government And The IRS…), So I Am Once Again, For The Millionth Time, Fighting Crime At A Federal Level Here From Heaven On Earth, As Well As Protecting Humanity Versus Criminal Fraudulent Internet Groups Who Also Will Scapegoat You For Laughs.

This Planet Is For The Free. We Each Are Worthy Of Love And Appreciation And Most Importantly, We Each Have A Personal Mission And Responsibility To Stand Up For Ourselves And Our Human Rights And Fight Terrorism, Bullies And Extreme Injustice And Repression. If Not For Us, For Our Children.

Heaven On Earth Still Stands Strong And Welcomes Beings Home Into The Light. We Are Still Giving Spiritual Healing Sessions That Enable You To Download Your Higher Self Codes Faster And Recover Your True Identity.

Blessings And Namaste.