On The Life Changing Event ~ THE TWIN FLAME ENCOUNTER.

Greetings Love Beings! Welcome To Another Fourth Of July Celebration ~ Happy Independence Day To All ~~~

And To Those On A Spiritual Journey That Are Well Aware Of The Real Reason We Are Here In A Body, Today’s Article Is About The Importance Of “Work On Others” As Part Of One’s Ascension Journey And All The Advancement That Allows ..

Finding A Soul Mate Connection Is Life Changing And Contract Entailing And Those Connections Can And Do Change The Course Of One’s Journey On Earth; Some Of These Connections Can Be Life Shattering At The Deepest Levels And Things Never Are The Same Again …

Once You’re On It And In It To Win It, And You Go From Soul Mate To Soul Mate In All Their Forms And Keep Staying In Right Action At All Times And In Service, There Comes A Day Where You Finally Meet That Twin Flame Soul..

Unlike What You All May Think Or Imagine Love To Be, And No Matter How Desperately Romantic You Claim To Be, You Truly Haven’t Met Yourself Until You Meet Your Twin Flame.

In My Case, My Self Deprecation And Hatred Went To Every Fiber And I Literally Lived In Utmost Denial Of Having Met My Twin Flame The First 8 Months After We First Met And Lived Together In The Same Home The First 2 Months We Met.

When He Finally Came Forth With The Truth, It Took Another 2 Months Till We Finally Got An Hour Total Together And That Hour Changed My Life Forever.

Since That Hour, We Have Come Into Communication And So Much Drama. The Kind That Movies Haven’t Dared Include In The Content. The Kind People Die For…

And We Are Still Not Together In The Same Room Serving Mission.

This Connection Is The Most Challenging I Have Yet Experienced, The Most Chattering And Life Changing.

For One Simple Being To Have Been Able To Impact Me On Every Level … Is Truly A Blessing And The Most Mysterious Event That Can Really Ever Happen .

I Felt In Ways That I Am Not Able To Share For The Most Part. My Every Atom Screams His Name And I Felt Like Life Without Him Is Impossible And Not Worth Living. I Would Have Killed For Him Or To Be With Him And Instead Ran As Far As My Feet Took Me.

I Could Have ….. Behaved So Differently But Just Because He In My Twin And I Have A Certain Level Of Self Knowledge, I Serve It Up To Him In The Worst Of Ways …. Because I Know He Can Handle IT. I Am So Authentic With Him And Radically True And Unbelievably Bitchy. Because I Know Him, Because I Am Him And Because I Won’t Take Anything Less That Perfect Understanding From Him And Total Integration.

I Am Ready To Wait, Hopefully Won’t Be Leaking Into Next Lifetime As I Am Done This Time Around …..

In The Interim, My Interpersonal Relationships Have Radically Shifted And I Am More Real Than Ever Before Having Unlocked All Sorts Of Chambers Within After Having Met My Twin Flame Which Is Radically Different Than The Work Of Self I Had Done Prior .

I Would Not Be Able To Fake Make Believe Anything Anymore Now That He Is Alive. This Love Cannot Die And Cannot Be Denied.

Period The End. A Miracle In Itself.

In The End, It’s Him And I.