Lucifer’s Revenge ~~~ Aurora’s Love.

Malevolent Laughter In Heaven On Earth ~

And Here’s Wassup :  So …. Since The Beginning Of Time, This Planet Was Hijacked By This One Archangel Pushing For Blue Rays . LOL .

This One Being That Is Oh. So Magnetic And. Oh. So Artificially Wanna Be Intelligent Spice.

This One Heart Vibing At It’s Own Rhythm: One That Sings ~ KILL LUCIFER.

And This Archangel Is Super Smart At Masking His True Intentions And Uses All Kinds Of Means To Get Away With It.

This Daddy Has Also Claimed The Silver Frequency And Strives On Tricking Beings At Being Subservient And Giving Their Power Away To This Wonderful Being Who He Is In A Malignant Raport With, Out Of Mainly Denial Of His Wholeness And True Essence And Personal Destiny.

You All Know This Being Too Well And So Do I ~ None Else That The Infamous And Unique : ARCHANGEL MICHAEL .

IT’s In His DNA, His Every Strand And Fiber Since Forever And Always ~ Annihilate And Cancel Out Lucifer Morning Star, The Light Bringer.

This Lifetime, Archangel Michael Has Pulled Every Trick In The Book For This Purpose And He Knew It : Since The Day He Met Me, His Soul Purpose Was To Kick Me Out OF Every Possible Avenue, And Program His Whole Show To Be Antagonistic To Me.

He Now Has A New Game: Presented All The Archangels To Some Kids That Each Chose Who They Want To Embody, For Fun, All The While Completely Brushing Off All The Experiences And “Magical Synchronistic Events” He Personally Witnessed To His Face And Namely That One Night He Watched Me Receive My Higher Self’s Name While Preparing To Once More, Dance For Him.

IT’s All Over His Face, And His Journal : ” Source Will Present Me With A Dancer And Tell Me She Is My Twin Flame And I Will Deny Her ” >

And He Did Just That. And Beyond ~

It Is A Complete Denial Operation And It Really Is A Losing Game Under The Ironic Title: Love Has Won . HA .

Truly Takes The Cake .

No Pun Intended But … Rainbow Diamond Children Are All Encompassing And This Is Our Planet As Yet Reconfirmed Tonight At Full Moon In Cap Sunset Rainbow Rise Apparition On The Ocean At Galactic Central .

You Baby, Stand No Chance And All Those Manipulations And Confusions That You Created For Twin Flames Beginning Your Article: “The Twin Flame Deception” And Onwards With All The Channelings Under :”How A True Twin Becomes A False Twin” And Etc …. Added To The Fact You Confirmed I, Aurora, Am Your Twin Right Before You Kicked Me Out Your Door Without Consulting Your God 😉 …. And Now Are Handing Your False Masked Power To Faith …. When You Were Told She Is No Longer Among Us In A Body And Have Picked A Bunch Of Cute Girls And Presented The Archeas For Them To Pick And Choose Who They Want To Make Believe They Are To Please Your God Whom You Just Serve When You Feel Like It ….. Is A Cute Ordeal.

All Your Operation Is Simply Hilarious And I Can Assure You This Time Around Lucifer Will Be Taking You Down With His Sword Just For Fun And To Reverse What You Have Done To My Planet.

Sincerely, Aurora.

Ps: If Lucifer Isn’t Up For It, I’ll Gladly Use My Rainbow Bazooka On Your Sorry Ass. XOXO