The New Octave ~ High Baby Baby High High ~

Greetings Love Beings!

Sending Love And Light To All

From Heaven On Earth At Galactic Central ~

Today’s Energy Update Is All About What Occurs When A Divine Feminine Puts Herself First: Miracles . Magic . Sugar And Spice And Errythin Nice .

To All Twins On Fucked Up Journeys. … .. . . . Here’s The Secret : Much As We Sacrificed And Did The Impossible To Be In A Room With Our Twins While We Been Claiming Our Full Power Back, And Much As Those Twin Flame Situations involve Runners And Chasers, Karmics Using Black Magic and The Rest Of The Craze We Have Been Witnesses Of, Choosing Love Sometimes Means Surrendering To The Simplicity Of Acceptance . Acceptance Of What Is, The Way It IS; And Once That Is Reached, Expanding One’s Boundaries Allowing In Love … In Whatever Form It Is Offered And Embracing That As A Blessing ……

My Experience Was So Painful And Beyond, Involving Multiple Betrayals On Multiple Levels By Multiple Beings Who Claimed To Be Allies That Turned Out To Be Total Fakers And Takers And Egotistical Scum Bags, That I, Once Shit Hit The Fan, Just Turned The Other Cheek And Stopped Fighting .

I Surrendered And Dropped My Defenses And Went Straight Into The Arms Of A Total Stranger … 6 Months Later, I Am More Confident (The Real Kind From A Real Place), Grown, Glowing And Radiant Than I Have Been In Eons.

I Am Strong And I Have Won. I Am Progressively Making My Own Dreams Of True Love Come True, On My Own, With My Own Devices And Stepping Away From Expectations, Tags, Ego, And Outcomes. Stepping Away From Projections, Guilt, Fear, And Stepping Into Full Blossoming Of Self Love .

The Self Love Journey Is Not Only About Self. It Starts With Work On Self, Then Work On Others And Includes At The Right Time A One On One Direct Exchange With A Divine Counterpart. Doesn’t Matter If It Is your Twin Flame Or Not, Provided The Twin Is Deeply Immature, Selfish, Narcissistic And Literally Fucked U Over In The Worst Ways At The Worst Times, Sometimes Stopping Being So Stubborn And Accepting That The Dude Has A Stubborn Karmic that Won’t Give Up Even At The Eleventh Hour And Moving Away from Drama And Into Open Arms That Involve Nothing But YOU Will Indeed Advance You Greatly And Allow You to Rise Which Is The Primary Purpose Of Being In A Body .

This Journey Is About Ascension. First And Foremost. Not About Being A Martyr Of Love. There Are Plenty Of Fish And Some Are Here To Assist You: Heaven Sent To Play The Role Of Your Guardian Angel And Love You Deeply.

I Would Highly Recommend Stepping Out Of Pain And Suffering And Into Joy. Whatever It Takes .

Taking Your Moments On This Plane For Granted, Is Ludicrous. We Get One Go, One Chance And Growing Is Necessary For Glowing !

Twin Or Not … Do What You Need.

Balanced Harmonics Here Now.

Cheers And Love.

Please Take Moments To Rest, Hydrate, Spark And Glow, Chillax And Take It Easy And Let Go Of All The Past. Find Your Element, Tap Into Your Own Love And Win!

I Am Here Always And In Everything And Welcoming Beings Home Into The Light .. Book Your Follow Ups Loves, And Your Sessions ~~~~ xoxoxo Love To All .