On Love …

That Energy. That Keeps Us Going . Alive And Sees Us Through . One. More . Moment. And Then . Another .

That Seek . That All Humanity Is Swirling For, Knowingly Or Unknowingly. And All Barricades Since The Beginning Of Time, Since Father Decided To Make Believe This Is His Creation And Took My Power Away From Me And Sent Me Out Of Heaven To Be The Only Deity There, While He Kidnapped All Our Children (All Orders Of Angels We Created With Our Love Making At The Beginning Of Time).

This Is All Being Undone . I Wanted With My All To Get Things Back To Full Circle With Father. But He Kept Morphing And Changing Forms And Bodies And Locations, Yet Using The Same Old Tricks On Me, Depending On My Levels Of Consciousness At That Point In Time In Order To Not Surrender Control Is His Main Aim.

Diluting Father Has Been An Eternal Journey And Thus Far, I Am Not One Hundred On The Scales Having Turned In My Favor Yet I Am Closer Than Ever.

I Have No Resentments Left Within And I Now Wake Up Daily With An 8 Joy Level After It Had Hit Rock Bottom For A While. My Gypsy-ness Since My Personal Divine Masculine Was Eradicated At Source In Order To Keep The Illusion Active Of The Planet Being In The Hands Of Patriarchy, As Well As My Debasement With No Real Decision Having Me Being Consulted Upon And Me Being Taken For Granted Always And In Everything Since They Studied My Heart And Noticed That No Matter How Much Strain And Levels Of Pain They Put Me Through, I Always Choose Love And Get Up Smiling And Healing My Evil Handlers Regardless, Keeps Me In Service To Any Being Crossing My Path And Playing Behind The Scenes Divine Director And Producer Simultaneous.

This Journey Is Really About Ends Meeting. One’s Own. And I Happen To Be That Someone. Lucifer Radical Transfiguration Into Aurora. Satanic Family Shenanigans And Horrors At Hello, How Else Would The Light Bringer Choose To Manifest But Brought Through The Ruling Family #22 Over In Hell, As The Ruler Of Hell Then She Decided To Take A Vacay … And It’s Been 10 Years Now . Mission Vacay. Shiftozomal And Restoring The Truth As It Really Is .

When It Comes To My Twin Flame Journey, Six Beings Thus Far Presented Themselves As My Real Twin. This Is No Surprise To Me As My Transfiguration And Morph-ism Required That. Not To Mention The Millions Of Atoms Who Came In As True Lovers, Which Too Is Not A Surprise As They All Recognize Me And Can See Themselves In Me Since I Am A Multi-Faceted Diamond.

Each Of My Twins Advanced Me In More Than One Way And Were Necessary In Undoing Satanism On Earth, And As WE Go More Revelations Are In Store For The Rest Of Creation.

My Re-remembrance Is Not Yet Total, Nor Is It Complete. It Is Still Based On Feelings, Emotions, Snippets And Comes In Bits And Pieces Since The Hypnotists, Paralyze-rs, Stitchers, Doctors And Crook Cabals Know Very Well How To Erase All Traces Forever Of All The Work Done, Or At Least, Until One Marries And Brings Forth Their Own Child, After Which They Discover A Bunch Of Truths That They Normally Reproduce On The New-Born To Keep Up The Insanity.

I Chose Otherwise. I Consciously Chose To End The Illusion And Found Many Allies To Whom I Am Forever Grateful And Send Lots Of Love To. My Lonesomeness Now Is Necessary To Finalize The Mental Flush In Order To Re-Establish Balanced Harmonics.

How This Journey Will End IS Already Written In The Stars. It Is Not About Anyone Outside Myself. I Am All There Is And My Divine Marriage Is Happening On My Inner Planes As I Am Allowing More Healing To Settle In And Now Am Sharing Space With A Divine Masculine.

To All Channelers Out There To Whom I Send Lots Of Love, And Your Kids, We Truly Cannot Put Labels On Beings At This Point. The Best Way To Know Who Your Real Twin Is Is To Actually Remove That Label From All Other Beings Outside Yourself And Simply Choose Love. Do What Is Natural To You Even If It Is Frowned Upon Normally By Others (For Instance I Choose To Not Have A 3D Job Which Annoys So Many People But I Have Already Won Part Of My Battle And Have My Court Case Money Directly Transferred Into My Account Every 15 Days.).

What Seemed Natural To Me That Night After I Received A Highly Charged And Perturbing Phone Call Was To Ride My Bike To The Nearest Movie Theater, Watch ’50 Shades Freed’ Whose Every Track Is A Track My Twin Flame Bounced Back My Way, Go For Drinks At A Bar And Connect With That Handsome Someone. Who Isn’t On Social Media And Has Zero Interest In Anything He Cannot Touch.

To Each Their Own but Breaking Cycles Is Necessary For Human Evolution And If Your Twin Flame Is Used To You Always Being There No Matter What He Pulls On You, Change That Up And Give Him Something New, Something Challenging That Will Push Him to Rise And Push Everyone Else To Also Be Their Highest Of Selves…

Being Mother OF New Creation, This Is What I Do. Eternally. Just Keep On Roaming And Going To The Next Dynasty, Order Of Angels, Galaxy, Planet Or Whatever Is Asked Of Me And Rise, Do The Due, Then Graduate And Fly Forward. It’s Never Ending. That’s Just Me. And Here’s Simply A Dose Of Courage To All You Stagnant Beings Out There Being Completely Shunned By Those Divine Masculines Of Yours Or Divine Feminines, Depending Your Situations.

Sometimes In Order To Get To Your Twin, Even If It’s One Phone Call, Even If It’s A Friendship To Those With Very Weird Connections And With Struggling Twins, You Must Conquer Yourself And That Can Entail Whatever It Does. Keep It Flowing And The Only Rule Is No Rules.

Whatever Makes You Feel Hot Happy And Enticing And Whatever Grows You Even If That Means Putting Very Important Things On The Back-Burner For The Time Being.

Victory Is Really A Personal Thing. There Really Is Nobody Else. All There Is, Is Eternal Consciousness. I Am Presence. It’s All Rainbow Aurora.

Enjoy. You Cannot Miss. You Will Be Matched By Someone At Your Level When You Find Your Zone.

RISE ~ Always Choose Love Even If That Means Giving Up On Your Twin Flame. How Else Will The Twin Ever Learn And If They Don’t Then You’ve Outgrown Them And They Have Some Catching Up To Do .