ON Truth. Love Trumps All .

The Main Rift That Initially Happened At The Beginning Of The Rebirth Of Mother Into Creation (End Of Mayan Calendar), Was Her Brutal Separation From Her Mother, As Well As Father And The Rest Of Her Whole Communities Families Bubbles.

Infinite Emails Were Formulated By Hollywood Stating To Remove My Mother From Life Support With Death Threats And Terrorist Backlash On My Address On Siesta Key. A Million Dollars Was Required From My Dad If He Were To See Me Again.

Now And Years Later, It Is No Surprise To Rainbow Aurora, Holy Spirit, Mother Of Creation, Gaia Sofia To Watch Saint Germaine (President Trump Is His Earthly Name) Impose Separation Of Kids And Families At The Borders.

And Even Though USA Is Super Alarmed (Daily Morning Joe Galore To Which I Pretty Much Never Vibe), And Wants ‘We The People’ To Stand Against Families Being “Separated” At Border, Galactic Guidance Is Clear: This Is RIGHT ACTION And The Necessary Step For Gaia’s Full Planetary Liberation .

The SHAM Revolving Around The Illusion Of FAMILY Is Abhorrent. Your Kids Aren’t Your Kids. Your Parents Are That. They Are Your Brothers And Sisters On Their Path To Ascension. This Planet Is An Awakening School. Not More Nor Less And That Is One Thing The TV Crews Should Be Trained In To No Longer Sound Like 3 Year Old Emotional Wrecks In Complete Disillusionment.

In The Absolute Sense Of The Word We Are Moving Towards No Frontiers And No More Lack Of Human Rights.

In The Interim, USA Must Stop Over Extending It’s Forces Outwards And Focus On Itself And That Is Where Trump Is KEY. All You People Going Down Harsh On The President For Wearing His Heart On His Sleeve And Being All Honest At All Times And Tweeting His Heart Out Even When His Views Are Ever Shifting, Only Indicates How Inauthentic You Are And Non Tuned Into The Current Energies.

Earth Can Only Have a Stable Leader The Moment Zero Point At New Creation Is Allowed Galactic-ally. Then Father Of All Creation, Archangel Uriel, My Twin Flame, Will Be The Sole One And Only Global Bringer Of My Planet Into The Light.

In The Interim . Easy Tiger.

Only Thing USA Can Really Do As Of Now Is Show Support To The Divine Plan. Thanks For Your Generous Love Donations And All The Love And Support Working Towards Getting Mother Of Creation Her Home On Earth, Beginning With Somewhere On USA Land.

Namaste And Blessings.