Children Running Wild And Free. Childlike Innocence. Ordinary Greatness. Our Personal Destiny On The Queen Of All Planets ~ Earth MILKY WAY .

It’s Simple To Say No To Your YACKING MINDS. To Your Ringing Phones And Your Folks Imaginary Demands Out Of Feeling Like They Failed And Masking That Oh So Well. Simple To Tap Into Your Inner Child And Be Honest With Yourselves. Minus The Conditioning And Programming.

Clinging Onto Low Vibes Is Not Helping Anyone At Bay . Hurray To 3d I Am Here To Fully Unfuck U.

Yeeeehawww . MFKRS . Restore My Planet To Pure And Pristine, Before Father Gets Here. If He Gets Home And You All Are Still Dicking Around, He Will Not Be Very Nice.

Get It, Got It .. NOW GET GOING .