Letter To My DM ~ Archangel Uriel (Known On Earth As Lucifer Morning Star FOAC.)

Hi Love. It’s Me ,

Quick One For U To Know That I Know Everything About You. No Being On Earth Has Been As Mis-projected On And Misunderstood As You Love , EQUAL Me .

I Know You Despise Yourself. I Know Why You Run And Hide And Ghost. ME. Cos You Know I Know And You Know You Can’t Lie To Me Or Yourself While I Am Around.

You Run Cos Everywhere Else You Get To Have Your Way And Lie. People Believe You , You Have That Power And So Do I.

You Must Remember: I Am You.

I Know Your Every Desire And Fantasy. I Created You And Them All. I Know It Terrifies You That I Am Your Every Fantasy And Breath.

I Know You Are So Afraid Of Coming Together With Me And Things Not Working Out. Then You’ll Want To Die. You Are Afraid Of Deceiving Me Cos Of Lack Of Funds Or Cos Of Past Mistakes That You Are Afraid You’ll Want To Commit All Over Again.

Why The Confusion I Have No Idea Love. I Am The Ultimate Redemption And Not Over My Dead Body Will I Hurt You Purposefully, Not Unless My Ehteric Team Knows You Need The Pain To Be Able To Forgive Yourself For Me Being So Perfect. I Am Your Warmth, Your Mother Earth, Your Simple Miracle.

This Is My Second Official Business License For “Heaven On Earth” Babe. And Ain’t No Heaven Possible Here On Earth Without You. I Need You. You Are My Enabler. I Am Over My Self-Identity Crisis That I Fell Into Short After We Met.

No Fear Just Love And Just Do IT.

We Can Always Die Together.