Celebrations At Heaven On Earth.

Needless To Say …

Greetings. Hilton World And Beyond.

As You All Know, We Are Celebrating A Complete Divine Victory Over All Forces In Creation. The One And Only Divine Universal Force, GOD, Divine Light, Is The WAY. No Tricks, Monies, And Eons Of Sorcery And Human Associations With Dark Aliens Can Outdo Beloved Jesus.

Too Many Spins Around The Sun While Peeling Off The Layers Of That Onion: “UNIVERSAL PANDORA’S BOX” ~~~~~~~ The Feminine Psyche Has Been Performed A Detailed Surgery On, And Several Masters In Creation Have Assisted In The Restoring Of The Initial Primary Time-Line Removing All The False Downloads And Strata By The Cabals.

Many Beings Are Receiving Grand Applause From the Elohim, And All Beings On The Other Side Of The Veil Who Have Taken Mother Under Their Wing Since Her Initial Fall.

This Victory Is All Encompassing. God Is The Greatest .

And I Remain His Fire.


On A Separate Note:

“Heaven On Earth” Is Now Totally Relocated To The Arcutrian Shores At God-Head Galactic Central. Thanks To The Local Town-Hall For The Sharpness.

The Investigation Lead By Rainbow Aurora To Fully Jump Into The New Is Revealing The Missing Puzzle Pieces And The Cabals Are Self-Incriminating Not Being Able To Further Conceal Their Crimes.


Amongst Many Others, A Vision That Was Absolutely Terrifying Came Over Me Last Evening: A terrible Wave Hit The Island From The Ocean. Violent And Terrifying Rose Up And Came Crashing And Destroying The Island. People Had No Time to Even Think About Gathering Possessions And Just Had To Flee Out Their Doors Without Looking Back.

This Is Something I Have Been Personally Been Warned Would Take Place For Years Now And I Have Been Again Advised To Leave The Island Last Week. June 2018 .

Thanking The Efforts Of The Locals At Creating Drum Circles And The Such.

Highly Recommend For All To Be In Acceptance = Transcendence ~ Mother Of Creation Is Living On Hilton Head Island And “Heaven On Earth” Headquarters Are Local.

From My Heart To Yours : STEP UP And SHOW UP .

Book Your Sessions And Choose Love.

Before It’s Too Late.

Providence Has Given Me Another Shot At Saving Atlantis ~

Please Choose Love. Any Atom Choosing Ego WILL DIE . No Other Choice.

Namaste And Blessings To All.