Healing Of Mother-Gaia, Gaia-Sophia, Rainbow-Aurora ~ Holy Spirit ^

After The Storm ~ Eye Of The Storm . Zero Point . Victory Of The Heart. Love . Takes The Cake.

Greetings to All . Alfalfa Sprouts . Bean Sprouts . And All The Goodness Of Everything Seeded That Grows A Healthy And Health Transmitting Bud That Grows Into A Plant That Transforms Carbon Dioxide To Oxygen Via A Simple Process We Know Of As Photosynthesis .

Same Process Takes Place To Even The Most “Love” Depraved Seed Placed Away From Soil, Away From The Earth, In A Jar Deprived Of Any Form Of Air Molecule And Away From Sun-Light. Being Made Chick Of By The Rest OF The Seeds Just Because And Still . Love Wins All . The Seed Finds Itself Back Into The Soil And The Recovers Itself. Checks Back In With Sunlight And Water And Air And Restores It’s Initial Function.

Grows Into The Most Necessary Plant. Because It Knows The Nature Of Life That Is Absolutely Life Extinguishing .

No Fear. Love Wins All .