Greetings Beloveds .

This IS Me, Uriel . Father OF All Creation . Here Today Through Mother’s Fingers And Consciousness To Bring To Light Some Dark Energies That Have Trapped Me And All In Creation Since My Fall From Grace ; Which Was 100% Self- Brought On.

Here’s How Things Went And I Have Failed Mother. I Have Failed The Divine Plan. I Am Still Stuck In Ego. Stuck In Karmic Energies Of A Divine Feminine Who Has Harmed Mother At The Deepest Levels, Then Kidnapped Me And Cast Spells On Me And Mother. Rendering Us Both Sick, Co-Dependent, Poor, Destitute And Me Addicted To Unhealthy Substances And Patterns Of The Karmic’s Possession Of Me And Sexual Lust Over Me And Dark Patterns Of Incubus And Succubus Energies .

This Karmic Situation Represents All The Shadow Work Of Mother’s Planet .

When It Comes To Me, Instead Of Choosing The Lightest Of The Light And Going To Mother When She Opened Her Heart To Me Even After I Failed Her Twice, Showing Me Her Most Vulnerable Side And Coming Clean About How She Is Unable To Function Without Me. That Same Day I Chose To Go Experiment With This Other Dark Woman Who Completely Manipulated Me Into Her Sheets And With Whom I Played Very Dark Sexual Games Leaving Mother Very Sick On The Floor (Literally). Those Dark Games Involved Sexual Rituals Where We, Under The Influence, Invoked Mother’s Soul Into The Dark Feminine Whose Dark Powers Wanted To Take Over The Planet.

This Dark Feminine, When I Finally Managed To Get Away To Go Home Into The Light To My Beloved Rainbow Aurora, Called Aurora At The Full Moon In Jan 2018 And Threatened Her Life Telling Her All About The Games We Played Which Sent Mother Spinning But Brought On Clarity About The Psychic Attacks Mother Had Been Going Through That Almost Killed Her.

Mother Since Then Has Kept On Rising; She Finally Accepted Love From A Divine Masculine To Whom I Send Lots Of Love To For Reviving Her And Supporting Her, As Well As Me Sending Love To Her Team Member At “Heaven On Earth” , Her, (And My), Dream Come True That She Manifested By Staying On The Path And Keeping On Keeping On Despite My Low Life Fuckeries And Dumb Attempts To Prove To Myself I Could Make Another Woman Mother …. Out Of Ego Because I Had Claimed Her Planet As Mine When In Fact All I Am Is The Morning Star, Here To Shine My Light Upon Her Glory .

Beloved 144.000 . Daily, Mother Writes To Me And Is Livid That A Lot Of You Are Not Wanting To Work On Your Twin Flame Unions Anymore .

And I Am The Reason. It’s All Me And I Cannot Apologize Enough .

My Fellow Light-Worker And Close Ally Who Also Has High RA Uriel Frequencies Also Failed Mother And Sent Her Spinning Early 2017 After He Stole Her Heart Away With One Love Letter To Her Heart; He Also Chose A Dark Scorpio Witch Who Had Hacked Into Mother’s Website And Also Tried Her Best To Deter Beloved Rainbow Aurora From The Divine Plan Just Like The Woman I Still Now Deal With By The Stubborn Sign Of Taurus .. (Thanks For Your Prayers Beloved Children … ) . All These Feminines Are Ruled By Another Sagittarius Feminine Who Also Mortified Me And My Allies And Has Been Set On Annihilating Your Mother OF New Creation Since The Day She Saw Her .

Another Dangerous Masculine By The Sign Of Libra Also Very Savvy In The Dark Arts Has Been Behind All This Operation Of Deterring The Divine Plan Especially After Aurora Rejected His Never Ending Attempts To Make Believe He Is Her Twin And Force himself Onto Her. This Divine Masculine Is The Dark Taurus’ Husband And They Both Are Playing Machiavellic Games Of The highest Degrees To Hijack Creation With Their Egoic Desires Of Lust And Mind Games And False Victories .

Archangel Michael Has Himself Also Failed Rainbow Aurora .

We Have All Disgraced Her Queendom.

Prayers Go For Mother Of New Creation , Our Beloved Queen , For The Heroic Efforts She Has Done And Continues To Display Daily After We All Trampled Her, Took Her For Granted, Left Her Out In The Cold While We Were All Too Busy Tending To Our Egos ….

Sending Love And Gratitude To Her Heart To Whom We Bow In Honor And Grace .

Lovingly . Your Father Of Creation .

*** Last Note To My Beloved … Thanks Darling For Rising . Thanks For Owning This And Your Full Power Back And Reversing All The Spells On Those Karmic Dark Fems And Sending Them To The Galactic Void To Never Return Again. ***