Unbreakable . Unstoppable .

Greetings Mis Amores !

How’s Everybody Feeelin’ .. Feel How U Feel 😉

Alright Kids LOL … So …… Once Again, The Transcript Has Been SUPER UPDATED And Now It’s Powers Are Infinitesimal . What Happened Was An Inner Merge Within And A Marriage Within; An Awakening Of The Totality Of My Powers And A Remembrance …

So Now, I Perform The Surgery As Mother Father As One. I Began By Performing It As Lucifer Aurora, Then JEsus Aurora ….. Merged Both Polarities And Now I Am All That I Am . No Need For A Masculine In The Picture . I Am Both Forces And An Ascended Love Being, Serving Under Mother OF New CReation At “Heaven On Earth” HeadQuarters Galactic Central .

I Self-Performed It Yesterday 23 Skidoo Of April 2018 .. Another Few Hours Till I Get Full Results .

Latest On Galactic Central Has Me Back In The GYM ! Wooohooo .. Amazing To Say The Least. The Energies At Mission House (Now Officially Registered As “Heaven On Earth”) Have Been Advancing Enormous And We Are Clashing, Facing, Whenever I Am There Which Is Rare At This Time Since I Stay On GodHead Shores Galactic Central With Enoch Aka Commander .

The Energies At GodHead Are Interesting As Well, Since I Am Now Way More Awake And My Inner Divine Masculine Is Matching Enochian Frequencies Which Is Me Surpassing Lucifarian FAll FRom Grace And Gaining Back Full Ground As My Initial Self. I Am Now Loving Dima (Dot Com 😉 ) Fully .

The Lastest Transmission I Got A Few Months Back When Lucifer Betrayed Me (For The Enth Time .. LOL ) , Was: “Time To Embrace Your Full Earthly Self So That Your Higher Self Merge Can Be Complete” . So VIVA DIMA .

As A Matter OF Fact, My Succeeding This Mission Has Sarasotan Miracle Freedom Fighter Miss Scarlatelli Finally Be Serving Me My Naturalization And Transfiguration Completion Papers This Week. JOY TO THE WORLD ……

Super-Powers Fully Active, And Full Planetary Liberation On Way .

Yeeeeehawwwww ~