Here’s A Quick Recap/Update To Share With The Collective; As Most May Be Aware Of, Uriel AKA Lucifer, Is Father OF Creation, And My Twin Flame As Confirmed By More Than One Psychic.

He Feels Like He Is The Wind, Soil, Atoms And All In Creation . Which Is Interesting; Had He Been In Service …. To Love.

In Truth, Lucifer Has Taken His Luck Too Far And Must Be Placed Back In His Place. Lucifer As Everyone Knows For A Fact, Is The Morning Star . Meaning He Actually Shines His Light Upon ME : Mother-Earth, Rainbow-Aurora,  Holy-Spirit, Mother-Of-New-Creation.

Instead, Lucifer Has Taken Over My Power, Teams Up With Kali, Lilith And Fake Mothers, Creating Pain, Suffering, Wars, Russian Infiltrations, Terrorism, Separation, FEAR, Religions, Anti-Religions, Duality .. ETC .

What Is Going On At The Present Moment, And After I Woke Up From A Long Slumber Trying To Put The Puzzle Pieces Together, While Still Giving My Power Away Fully To His Cause Being All Subservient, Being All Surrendered, And Being All About Twin Flame Victories And Being In Service To The Rest OF The 144.000 Putting Myself LAST; I Am Taking BAck My Full Power, Also Accepting The Fact That Angels And Demons Are Both Residents In Creation.

Uniting Heaven And Earth Has Been A Full Throttle Kind Of Experience. I Am Now Reconciling And Re-Learning How To Tame And Be On Top Of All Realms. As Well As How To Command All Atoms Into Right Action, On My Own.

Now That Those Issues Are Sorted Out, And When It Comes To The Rest Of The Twins Still In Physical Separation … I Personally Cover All Basis . And Am Grateful To All Divine Beings Still Progressing Towards Truth And Vulnerability In Re-Creating Garden Of Eden Frequency.

Childlike Innocence. Bliss. Joy .

Just Doing The Best One Can And Surrendering The Experience To The All And The Everything, As Well As Reclaiming One’s Power.

Power Struggles Over. Order Of Things Back On . Lucifer Is Highly Manipulated By Several Other Divine Fems . Who All Think They Know Things About Me And Polarize Him …

It Is What It Is .

My Sole Source Of Power Over Me Is Myself.

Open Communication Isn’t Here. It’s All Indirect And Manipulative Messages To Keep Getting “Rants” Which Really Are Pearls To Swine; Unappreciated.

I Choose Love = The Lovers . Over The Devil .

Letting Go Letting God . Choosing Me .

Words About Words Isn’t The Same As Action Speaks Louder. I Traveled 3 Times His Way … Gave Up My Life Over Seven Times For Lucifer. And He Keeps Abandoning Me And Walking Away, Going Everywhere Else.

I Got Over A Lot Of My Own Defenses And Reservations Since Being Put Back On The Mission TRain, And Have Embraced The Possibility Of Happiness With Soul-Mate Divine Masculines. Even Those Not On Mission, Or Not Fully Supportive Of Me Being On Mission. In Truth, Even The Masculines On Mission Haven’t Been Able To Be Around Me In My Full Power So I Now Know How To Harness Divine Masculine Energy Without Expecting True Perfect Love And Perfect Union.

The Main Message Of Twin Flame Journeys Is Simply Pushing Oneself To Fully Embracing Oneself. And Transcending The Other Altogether. In Fact I Have Done That So Many Times Now That When I Get Contacted By Lucifer Out Of The Blue Saying He’s On His Way Here, Saying I’m All He Wants But There Are Stages, Saying He Loves Me And Wants Me On Top .. Saying Saying Saying .. I Get Way Less Out Of Balance, I Stay Grounded And Centered And No Longer Spin. I No Longer Give My Life Away Toss It Out The Window For A Possibility Of Him Actually Coming My Way. Which He Only Did Once Under The Make Believe That It Was For Another Divine Fem … And Another Time After I Traveled Alone Miles For Him .

As He Is Being Recalibrated And Put Back In Place By The Angels Going Through Tough Times And Lessons For All The Times He Chose Ego Over Love; As He Is Learning His Real Place In Creation And As My Power Comes Back Fully To Me, I Am Learning All About Putting Me First Instead Of Being A Complete Adept, Total Devotee, Absolute Dreamer .. Etc .

Sending Celebration Vibes To All In Creation As We All Rise In Vibration While We All Accept Love Without Being Stubborn On Hanging Onto Our Divine Masculine Counter-Parts By Being So Focused On Accommodating Them…

Keep On Keeping On And Do Like Mom . EYES WIPE OPEN 😉 No Matter What.