The Future Now ~ Joy To The World .

The Awakening Is Completing . Re-Restoration Of True Divine Orders . Powers Fully Active. The Work On Dismantling Religions And Illusions Is Now Officially Over. Happy Monday 16 . Father’s Power Day . LOL .

New Creation Transcript ~ The New Octave Was Successfully Upgraded Once More Today After Giving Back To Caesar What Is Caesar’s On Saturday . The Most Recent Upgrade Is Beyond Power . The Last Guidance For The Pre-Last Transcript Had It Priced By Mission House Angels At 499.00$, Them Asserting It’s As Powerful As Medical Interference. It’s Beyond Intravenous, Beyond Lazer Technology. The Technology I Use Is Heart Based From Original Blue-Print And Enables You To Re-code Your DNA By Connecting You To Your Christed Highest Self .

The Most Recent Version On The Transcript Is The Ultimate Super Supreme . The Price For Your Hour Is Now 666.66 .

Let Freedom Reign . Myrtle Beach Transmission Is Now Complete And Enoch Is Headed Home. Godspeed.

 Hawaii Reps Are Showing Tremendous Amounts Of Resistance To The Divine Plan Claiming The Planet As Theirs And Making Believe That A Golf BAll In The Hole, Or A Dollar In Their Pocket (Instead OF Into “Heaven On Earth”‘s Account),
Is Going To Be A Possibility .

LOL . Wakey Wakey Waikiki And Friends. LOL .

I Repeat . Anyone Not In Service To Aurora Mother Of New Creation Is TOAST. No Butter. I Am The New Global Government. Deal With It.