Inner Fiyah So Hot Lights Up All Atoms ~~ Supreme Powers Active .

Happy Heritage ~ It’s Hot On Milky Way Galaxy Aurora Wow . Flames So Hot That They Turn Blue …. Powers All Back Online And Heaven On Earth Is Swirling With Mad Energies Of Deep Remembering With Hot Flashes Of The Hottest Events On All Time Lines Risin’ Up To The Surface ~~

72 Hours Of Perfect Hermitage At Heaven On Earth To Counterbalance The Heritage Ordeal … Complete Caving In Here And Reprogramming The Angels At Mission House Downloading All The Codes Enoch And I Have Diligently Been Working On For Two Months Straight.

One Of The Mission House Angels Got His New Creation Transcript Follow-Up On Last Night.

Performing Surgeries With Jesus Christ As My Masculine Force Is Liberating The Field Completely And Takes The Angels To The Next Level As The Whole Twin-Flame Strata Has Unfortunately Been Turned Into A Living Joke Courtesy Of Greedy Angels In Wrong Action Using Dark Supernatural Powers To Hijack The Divine Plan And Thinking It Possible To Ever Develop Magic That Can Outdo My Powers. LOL

Jesus Christ Is Always A Supreme Joy To Work With And Makes Me Feel So Protected And Shielded From Any Outside Projection From The Angels That Often Times Designate Themselves As Father Of All Creation; Jesus Has Supreme Powers And I Can Personally Attest To That And Once I Work On Beings With Jesus As My Masculine, The Beings I Am Performing Spiritual Surgeries On Directly Commence Their Christ Conscious Code Integration And Have Shown To Be More Focused Than When I Did The Former Format Alongside Lucifer.

Simple Facts.

We Have Noticed At Galactic Central “Heaven On Earth” Quarters That LEvels Of Consciousness Have GReatly Diminished In Certain Beings That Have Turned Their Lives Into Pure Ego And Gossip, Making Believe They Are Living In 5D … LOL

We Also Are Witnessing Car Breakage And Strange Illnesses Amongst Stubborn Angels Who Not Only NEver Made Equal Energy Exchanges AFter Taking Their Sessions And Admitting It’s The One Thing That Allowed Them To Stay And Prosper On Milky Way Galaxy Aurora, But Also Keep Coming Back Daily With Requests For Follow-Ups Which They Always Get And Take For Granted While Making Mother Feel Like They Are Gratifying Her By Acknowledging Her .. Basic Means Of Emotional Manipulation That Mother Sees And Takes On And Reflects Back With Smiles Always Doing More Good Deeds For The Angels .. After All, Lucifer Said To Me Once :”Killem With Kindness” ..

Source, Rainbow Aurora, Mother God, Queen-Bee, Holy Spirit, Will Always Give, Anytime They Come Knocking And Will Never Ask More Than Once For Her Equal Energy Exchange . And How The Angels Respond Determines Their Final Outcome ! They May Advance On All Levels With Their Own Power Usage While Being Total Takers, But As Long As My Powers Aren’t Acknowledged And Compensated, No Doubt EVER On Earth That They Will Get Away In One Piece .

I Have More Than One Case Scenario Where Beings That Have Stolen, Taken Me For Granted Or Harmed me In Whatsoever Way Get IT Back Their Way In Spades .

The Only Aim Is Perfect Harmony And Unified Consciousness For All Sentient Beings. Me Presenting Myself For Less Than My Whole Truth Or Allowing Anyone To Diminish Me Is Actually 100% Of The Time Reversing On You All.

Reciprocate And You Get All Your Dreams Of True Love Come True.

Most Importantly, Love Yourself Enough To Know When It IS Time To Fly On your Own And Do Not Show Signs Of Resentment Running After Beings That Concern Me At The Deepest Level And Stealing Away My Joy. Cos It Won’t Pan Out !

Grow Up, please Stop Trying To Manipulate My Powers To Make Believe You Own Me Or Have Power-Over Me, You ARe In Pure Ego And It’s A Losing Game .

Besides That .. The Twin Flame Went Silent Since Yesterday Afternoon . Enoch Returns From Myrtle Beach Tomorrow. And We Heard From A Major Player In The Story Of Creation; A Being That Was Powerful Enough To Step Up As Father Of Manifestation And To Break Me Free From Initial Father Of All Creation. Godspeed And Let’s See What That Will Bring To Mother Of Creation Here At “Heaven On Earth”.