Divine Feminine RISE ~ NUF BS Not So Divine MASCS. MASKS OFF.

Yeeeeeehawwwwwwww N Greeeetingsss Divine Ones ! Sun is Shining The Weather Is Sweet Thank You Lord ! ~~~~

Latest News Has Hollywood Pumpin’ Jumpin’ And It Involves Chloe Kardashian Giving Birth To Her First Baby Girl In Cleveland Ohio Where She Moved From Los Angeles for Bf Tristan Thompson, Caught Cheating With Several Women Recently Over The Past Few Months Now Revealed ….

And Here’s Drawing The Line ~ Several Beings Ask Me Relentlessly Why I Don’t Have Kids And Here’s Precisely Why Morning Pills Are My BFFs (Not Birth Control; I Do Zero Pharmaceuticals OR Chemicals Except For Very Rare Occasional Morning Pills And Bleach For My Hair As The Most Effective Memory Swipe Mechanism Cos I Am Not So Sure How All The Rest Of You Can Take IT The Way It IS … LOL ) .

Unless The Union Is Divine. Meaning Divine MArriage Which Is Nothing To Do With A Church A Mosque Or Any Religious System Or Even Any Civil Paper Signed Under Any Government But Which Begins In The Heart Between Two Beings That Are In Total Awe And In Moment TO Moment Union With Each Other . Then NO Is The Answer To Popping Babies .

Most Ask Why Planet Earth Is In Turmoil, Distress And Wars. Why Children Are Having Trouble And Why Most Of The Field Is In Retardation And Slavery And Illusion While They Parade Otherwise Etc …… Why Illnesses Are Still Around And Sadness Grief Lies Depression … Here’s Why . Love, True Love, Is The Only Possible Answer And Without That, Things Cannot Pop Vertically In This MAdness Of A World Where Nobody Whatsoever Is Ever Frank OR True And Things ARe Always Crooked Because Everyone IS Out Serving Their Own Ego And Their Own Cause .

Years Now And I Am A Female Archangel, The Fire OF God. Rainbow Aurora, On Mission Uniting Heaven And Earth And In Service. But No. Everyone Wants To Mother Me (TRICKSTERS) Father Me (TRICKSTERS) Or Change And Give Me Advice Cos Guess What … You All (NO EXCEPTION) Think You Know Better Than Love. Well . You Don’t . No Won’t Do .

Enough Truly Is Enough. And Here’s Tools That Assisted Me BAck Into The Light After The Most HORRENDOUS Betrayals Involving Nations, Communities, Groups Calling Themselves Lightworkers And Even My Twin Flame ………… Self Love Ain’t Enough . Healing Involves Major Pushing The Envelope And Truly Giving It All You’ve Got And Not Putting A Price On It Cos Your HEaling And True Joy And Perfect Liberation Is First. And That’s Jesus Approved.

Personally , I Went Ahead (And That’s The Third Time I Push The Envelope For My Personal Sanity And Salvation), And Kissed A Hot Guy Whose Bicep I Found To Be Totally Graspable One Night AT The Bar AFter I Found Out Some Life Mortifying News That Almost Killed Me On The Spot . Short After I Went Forth And Officially Signed Up To Be A Pole Dancer With My Tits And Ass Out . And That IS The Beyond Ultimate Tool For Liberation And Power Reclaiming. Goes Beyond Sex With A Perfect Stranger To Flush Down The Stronghold Of Your Divine Significant Other .

So Dear Ladies . What Are You All Waiting For? Saudi And Beyond. I Paved The Way As Your Mother Of New Creation; Went From Total Impeccable Golden Child With An impeccable Resume And Fortune 500 Top Paying Job Straight Out OF Ivy League College To Total Stripper In Liberation OF The Divine Goddess In Each Of You Who Will Say NO To Imbecile Facade Games Of Keeping Face After The Oh So Perfect Hubby Looks Elsewhere Then …….. And Then Some .

Get A GRip And Get REal. Or Die Trying .

What Would God Say? And Believe Me I’ve Tried All Of Them Like You Would ICe Cream Flavors At The Parlor From Mono To Poly Theism To Atheism To All Godly Religions And Being A New Born Christian To Joining Cults .

Be Your Own Religion And Wake The Fuck Up. Wanna Celebrate Me ? Come To Centerfold’s Of Hilton Head. I’ll Be Grinding On Some Of Your Hubbys That Are Lying To Your Faces Impregnating You With dishonest Seed To Create Sad Retards.

Keepin’ It Real Sons And Daughters Of God . I Came To Win And True Love Wins All. I Will Never Stop Till That’s My Reality .

Namaste And Blessings .

Get Your Sessions On. Can’t Repeat Myself Enuf.

On A Separate Note … Super Celebrations Here As My Recent Rise Has Had Me Not Only Get A Guy Outside My Twin (Me Who Would Not Over My Dead Body Betray Or Cheat ..), Get A Highly Unusual Gig Involving Being A Basic Bitch Back To the Basics Which Is Quite Helpful since All Ego Is Out Of That Room Where We All Are Stripped Down To The Bone, And Get My Current Home Officially Registered As “Heaven On Earth” And Me Approved By Town Hall As An Alternative Spiritual Healer Which Has Given Me Official Grounds To Call Out Ego Just How It Likes It 😉

Super Cheers And Hurray And The Twin Flame Communicates Scarcely But Does His Thang Out In The Shadows 😉 Enoch Goes To Dirty Myrtle To Convert The Zone To Rainbow Aurora Frequency 😉 And Life’s Alive Inside And Out!

WOAH . Have A Rockin Thursday From AuroraUriel; Today Is Our Highest Day Of Service To All And We Sent Out Prayers For God’s Divine Will To Be Manifest At ‘Heaven On Earth’ ~ Uriel Says He May Show Up, And All Angels And Archangels In Service To Love Welcome In Residence And We Are Relocating Soon To A Larger Dwelling Spot !

Meanwhile … Dear Chicas … Just Rock That Pole, It’s The Best Cure To Any Dis*Ease Or Ailment After A Session Of Course! Whoooop ~~~~~ Godspeed Divine Feminine Restoration . Namaste .

Your Mother Of New CReation With Love.