Envy Me More … I’m “Heaven On Earth” … LOL

So Yeeeeee To The Hawwwwwww ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fukin Fantastic, Fantabulous , Exhilarating And Delicious Energies Hitting The Field As Mother Of Creation, Rainbow Aurora, Holy Spirit, Gaia Sofia Has Finally Anchored In On Earth All In Heaven !!!!!

The Archangels Are All In Highest Levels Of Joy, From Uriel To Michael, Germaine, Raphael And Even Robin Is In Tears With Joy LOL ~~~~~~ Wayne Dyer Has A Wicked Smile On His Face And The Twin Is Non Stop Texting Love My Way , A Love So Divine And He Even Went As Far As Completely Denying Ever Having Been With Or Known Of Anyone By The Name Of Amber And Was Laughing Out Hard At The Jan 30 Blue Moon “Death Threats” .. Calling It Total Lies; That He Never Went Her Way.

So Here’s To A Total Memory Swipe As The Whole Energetics OF The Field Is Being Rewired At The Root; The Takers And Fakers That Were Putting On Masks To Still MAke Chick Of It Are Now ALL Made Chick Of Themselves.

That’s How It Is Loves.. Make Chick Of It OR It MAkes Chick Of You!

Truths Exposed And Fullness Not Quite There ; My Inner Compass Being The Shoulder Realignment Situation And Once That’s BAck All The Way Where It Belongs, The World Finally Knows That The Seek IS Over And It’s Only The Find That MAtters .

Hilarious Night With The Angels Last Night And Thanking All My Amazing Dreamy Co-Creators For Yet AGain Another Set Of Hot Tunes To Rock My World … Snap Of A Finger And On March 7, My Own Personal Year Anniversary In  Service, I Am Diamond Up On Stage Swirling That Pole. Then By The Same Magic, A Month Later April 5, I’m The Sole Owner Of “Heaven Of Earth” . Shazam .

Talks About Dreams OF True Love Coming True ? OMG .. And Since The Twin Situation And The Rest Of The Archangel’s Are So Quite Infatuated Yet At A Distance, I Have Enoch’s Love And His Keys . Life Gets Great As The Vibes Rise High And We’re Only Getting Started .

The Field And Island Feels Fantabulous Now That The Naysayers And Dickheads And Assholes Ain’t Got A Leg To Stand On No More .

So If You’re Hot N Sexy N Fun And Fo Real, Do Get Your Session  Cos It Will Propel You To Dimensions You Never Dreamed Possible …….. It’s All About What You Make Of The Energies And How You Direct And Shift Them … Be Like A Prism And Use A Singular Ray Of Light To Create A Rainbow !

You Will Be Attuned To The New Rainbow Star-Seed Nation Which Is All Encompassing ; The Blue Rays, Green Rays, Red Rays And Etc, All Bow To Rainbow Aurora . No Choice.

Ahh Claiming Back That Power And Today Is About To Get Messy N Rainy Around Here By 1 p.m ….. So Many Angels Have Been Disciplined Since Their Surgeries Last YEar .. The New Creation Transcript Is The Next Level And I Have Already Also Disciplined Some Of Those As They Are Clashing HARD With Their Environments That Are Still Retard Style .

All Is Well And I Am Looking Forward For Grateful Beautiful Amazing Orgasmic Organic Experiences With New Angels That Are All Knocking At Heaven’s Doors !! YESSS To Heaven And We Now Officially Have A Booth On Earth To Help The Guardians At The Gates At Your Death Hours Or On Judgement Day .

It’s Happening And We Offer So Many Revolutionary Techniques To Get You  To Be Your Hippest Vision Version Of Yourself !

Can’t Wait TO Have The Real Renegade Diamond Hearts Hit Me Up ………… Oh God You Guys Are So Hot You Light Me Up !

Let’s Keep Turnin’ It Up And It’s Almost Out With The Chasing And Annihilating The Big Bad Wolves… I’ve Done That Long Enuf To Secure The Zone .

V For Victory (And Some Vodka) ………….. So Hot And It’s Only Getting Hotter …….. Uhhhhhhhhhhh

Sugar N Spice N Errythin’s Nice .

YES TO HEAVEN . Present Moment Of Now.

Llama Me .

Call Me Aurora And You Get Divine Blessings . TBH Not Everyone Is Worthy Of Callin In My Highest Of Selves And Dima Is Badass She’ll Fuck You All Up Instantly So Thanks To Those Still Needing Disciplining. Nobody As Bad As ME .