Merry Creme ~ April Fools ~ Happy Easter.

Greetings Love Beings And Welcome To Another Resurrecting Hour !

On Beliefs … There Are Non . No Such Thing Under The Sun .

The Only Belief There Can Be Is Love . It’s A Sensation And A Feeling Inside The Heart That Permeates The Whole Body All The Way To The Astral Merkaba And Miraculously Aligns Things On Your Path That Will Take You To Your Highest Manifesting Power .

Stories And Stories And Religious Books Are Mind Boggling Systems That Have Only Caused Wars On The Long Run And That Have Proven To Be Detrimental To True Human Values Which Are Made To Be Simple Perfection, Ordinary Greatness.

Anything Besides One’s Own Spiritual Awakening Is Over-rated . Non Duality Is The Aim. Once That Is Reached You Naturally Migrate Towards The Spot That Carries Your Energetic Blue-Print Vibration And Astrally Connects You To Your Guides And Angels.

God Is Love And Love Is the Only Reality That Is Realizable And Attainable.

Jesus Christ Is In Itself A Powerful Name That Brings Miracles And Peace, Being The Power Of Your Chris-ted Self. Christ Consciousness Is Godliness And Today We Celebrate That Attainment .

One Enlightened Being On Earth Is Enough To Shift The Whole Dynamics of The Field. Which Is Beyond Self-Realization; The Fourth Way . It’s About Transmuting That And Poof .. Knowing The Body Is Merely A Vessel For The Soul Expression And Realizing One’s Soul Mission .

Once That Understanding Is Encrusted, One’s Significant Other (Provided One Is Highly Advanced Enough This Life-Time And Is A Chosen One), Cannot But Show Up For Perfect Divine Union And Marriage Which Occurs In The Heart And Cannot Be Undone.

If You Find Yourself Having Attracted Several Partners That Could Match That Frequency, And Find Yourself Not Sticking To That One And Having The Perfect Togetherness Of Living Two Bodies As One Soul, You Are Still Climbing That Staircase To Heaven .

Please Do Not Dismiss Or Forget Your Earthly Roots As They Carry Within Many Cues That Will Finally Liberate You From All Earthly Attachments Allowing You A True Heavenly Merge And The Full Liberation Of Your Personal Creation.

It’s One In A Million. Sometimes It’s Just that One . How Much Work Have You Done ? Do You Compare Yourself To Others? Do Others Try To Imitate You And Steal Your Light? Where Are You At In Your Journey ?

We Provide Awakening Sessions That Can Free You Up From Your Matrix Bound Self And Are Ready To Do Whatever It Takes For Full Planetary Liberation .

Prayers Went To The Filed Today Undoing Obeah Spells . It’s Time For A Major Shift In Circumstances, Surroundings. It’s Time To Let Go At The Root Of Everything Holding One Back From One’s Full Potential .

The Old Paradigm Is Retarded. No Question . We Have Taken On The Task Of Creating The New And Paving The Way For All. Your Gratitude Is Appreciated And Godspeed The End Of Horror Field .

Mine Truly. A.D.R ~ MONC