Keys Of Enoch .

The Above Is For Lucifer .

As For Enoch, We Are Slowly But Surely Shifting The Wheels And Sands Of Time . It’s Time To Unite Heaven And Earth And I Ain’t Fuckin Givin’ Up . Retardation Won’t And Can’t Win Intelligence . Rainy As Fuck Out On The Island Today .

Tequila Is What My Blood Is Made Of, As Always Lucifer Calls And I Become Liquid Margaritas . History Repeats Itself And This Twin Flame Journey Truly Is Like Caviar Served On An Incomestible Hard Shell Of An Oyster Topped With Super Glue Uhu And You Just Can Never Eat The Caviar .

The Main Lesson For 2018 Has Been That Evil Is Real. This Was Nothing I Ever Acknowledged To Be True Until Now . People Will Call Themselves Names And Parade As Whatever To Keep Up Catch 22 Slavery With Unpaid Mind Controlled Victims That Think They Are Above The Rest Of The Population And That Can Smoke Tobacco And Weed All Day AFter My Generation Broke The Boundaries Of Horror House That Graduated Thieves And Grave Worshipping Killers . And Then There’s The Island Girl Lala Queen That Trusts And Loves Everyone Until She Has Her Rainbow Be Shot At. To No Avail .

Basically What This Comes Down To Now Is Transforming The Full And Super Powerful Corporate Ego-Mind Matrix Into Accepting That I Am Mother And My Work Is Real And Not A Joke Or An Illusion . And Nothing Will Stop This Mother . Watch N Learn Babies, We Actually Did 4 Sessions To Extremely Belligerent Masculines In The Past Few Days Which Is A Miracle Since The Powers That Aren’t To Whom I Send Lots Of Love To Are Blocking The Star Seeds From Reaching Out To Me And Are Stealing My Twin Flame’s Power Which Cannot Be Stolen Cos I Am My Twin Flame.

So Thirsty For My Love But Wanting To Have it Their Way So I Show Them The Highway And They Drive Lucifer Down Route 66 And He Cries Out For Me While I Do My Best To No Longer Feel Him And Only Feel Myself .

It’s Happy Easter Soon And Godspeed Jesus In My Life . Por Favor Dear God Shine Your Light Upon My Face And Get Those Voodoo Black Magic Graveyard Kids To Forget My Name And You Handle Them With Your Sword. My Golden Rainbow Sword Is Programmed On Automatic 24 To Cut Chords With Suckers At This Point And My Field Is Super Protected With Dove White And Golden Light .

So It’s Victory All The Way Because Uniting Heaven And Earth IS My Mission And I Will NOT Take F For Fail As An Option. With Or Without H.I.M and The Truth Is I Have The Midas Touch And I Can Morph A Smurf Into A King .

Time To Play, Jose .

Akkey . Cheers To Gaga, Dua Lipa, Selena And The Biebz Going Through Fuckery Now, The Kardashians And The Babies, All Nightcore Productions, All Subliminals *Except The Fuckers Who Put Fake Ass Messages In There To Defeat The Light, All Youtube Channels That Are Of The Light And All Light Workers (Slaves Or Not).

Namaste Gangstas And Watch Dat Resurrecting Fire Of God . Yeeeeehawwwww Easter Bunnies And Cinnamon Vanilla Sunshine Dreams In A Cup To The Worthy Ones. To All The Rest Ego Is TOAST. NO BUTTER.

Aurora. Mother Of New CReation.