March 23 ~ Love Portal ~

Greetings .

As All Were Informed, New Creation Transcript Has Hit The Shores Of Galactic Central And Was Updated And Recreated End Of Feb To New Standards Of Love Everywhere Present And Balanced Harmonics Where Dreams Of True Love Come True .

Without The Do, And It Was Performed On A Divine Masculine Who Has Stepped Up In Service To Love On This Love Portal Day, As Well As The First Being To Ever Have Tried The New Format Requesting Their Follow Up.

This Transcript Has Been Reported To Make Beings Feel Was More Peaceful, Grounded, Balanced And Centered And The Results When I Self Performed It Were Nothing Short Of Miraculous On All Fronts.

Body Hologram Updated Version, With All Chakras Reopening And Meridians Realigning, A New Sense Of Vitality And Complete Detox Of The Old, Making Space For The Oh So New.

Miracles Coming In, So Much At A Time And Discernment Is Being Mastered, Now That We Have Revisited ALL Chambers In Creation And Canceled Out All Hexes, Spells, Voodoos, Oil Incantations, All Demonic Foods, Evil Eye, All Incantations, Power-Over, Wrong Action, Lies, Manipulations ; The Field Is Back To Clear.

Today And After All The Old Scripts And Manuscripts Regarding This Legendary Love Portal Day That Brought About The End Of The Mayan Calendar And The Dawn Of New Creation, Mother Of Creation Has Completely Ended All “Jerk-Off” Operations All The Way Global And Requested Her Funds Immediately.

Mother Has By The Same Stone Heard Back From The Immigration Lawyer To Finalize The Shift Into New Creation Mother Aurora . Diamond. Rainbow.

Things Are Falling Into Place And 46 Hours From Now The Divine Masculine Blue-Print Is Complete On Galactic Central Shores Thanks To Our Renegade Diamond New Creation Heart That Has Been Valiant In His Service; Loyal, Consistent And Absolutely Ravishing.

Mother Is Brilliantly Amazed By All The Efforts And Progress Of All On Galactic Central Shores; The Undoing Of All Past Mistakes And Karma . And the Dawning Of New Creation Galactic Central With All The Crystals Incorporated .

The Results Of The Transcript 2017 Are Brilliant And The Rainbow Warriors Are All Now Proud Mothers And Fathers Of Each Their Own ‘New Creation’ Baby.. Whatever Form That Took. I Am honored And Blessed By Their Amazing Donations, Constant Support And Eternal Loyalty In Service To Heaven, As Aurora Is Uniting Heaven, And Earth.

Platinum Yeeehawww And Butterfly Kisses .

Mother And Father OF All Creation.