FinalFinal Event Energy Update ~ New Heart = Diamond Heart

Yeeeeehawwwww ~

Greetings Love Beings And Welcome To Another Day Of Hyper Attunements To the New Creation Frequency Of The Re-Established, Re-Awakened, Re-Freshed, Re-Constituted, Re-Aligned HuEMaN ~

As Per Mother Of Creation’s Request, Massive Solar Flares Bombarding Our Planet, In A Massive Way For St. Patty’s Day ! Dancing Green Auroras Hitting Areas Ranging From Iceland All The Way To Tennessee In Celebration Of Mother-Earth, Gaia-Sofia, Holy-Spirit, Rainbow-Aurora’s Financial, Heart, Mind, Body And Soul Investments In The Heart-Land In 2017 While On Mission “Investigating Lucifer” !

Enjoy Beloved Creation; Everything I Do, I Do It For You! I Love You All With My All And Celebrate Your Love Moment To Moment!

Oh How Proud Of Humanity As A Collective When Going Down Memory Lane And Re-Membering All The Insanity We All Had To Dance Ourselves Through And Out Of Since The Big Bang ~ Haven’t We All Done A Wonderful Job, Holy Symphony ?

From The Time Nostradamus Had To Ask His Lover Out Of The French Castle To Protect Her Life From The Queen That Kept Him Enslaved All The Way To Eternal Occurrence With Archangel Michael Doing The Same For Me, Walking Me Out The Back Door To Protect Me From The Feminine That Still Keeps Creation Enslaved, While All her Minions Are Still Polarized In Her Direction (Or Their Own) And The New Creation Queen Is Sitting On The Shores Of A Fantasy Island Watching That Show ! . Ironic, When We Are Supposedly Working On Unity Consciousness!

Nothing New Under The Sun, Love Was Never A Celebrated Force; However We Have All Reached Heights Of Unbeatable Levels And No One Can Take This Love . Mother OF Creation Has Been Praying Daily To Remove All Human Conditioning, Restore Cellular Memory As A Collective To Pure Pristine, Bring Down And Anchor Fully Christ Consciousness And Restore Global General Understanding And Sweetness And Peace.

A Miracle Is All We Need And It’s Day 2 After The Christ Consciousness Surgery Was Self Performed ~ The Right Side Situation In The Mind-Body Hologram Of Mother-Earth, Gaia-Aurora, Sofia-Zion, Rainbow-Morning-Star, Is Now Allowing Way More Clarity In Visions And Understanding Of The Divine Masculine Range Of Feelings And Emotions Going From Extreme Idiocy To Supreme Enlightenment.

Yes. The Love Equation Is Being Re-Defined, Re-Worked And Re-Assessed Then Re-Programmed Into The Grids By Mother’s Valiant Work And Efforts. Full-Body Awakening Paving The Way For The New-Creation Diamond Heart Template Where Mother Is Being Shown Milky-Way-Galaxy Aurora’s Heart Being Completely Revamped!

The Angels At Mission House Have Evolved To Each Now Owning Their Own Yoga Studios And Forming Alliances Among-st Each Other, As Coded Per The 2017 Transcript Format ! Such Joy Watching Them Warriors Rise And Conquer Themselves And Bring On Right Action To All Fields ! Strongly Recommend You All Get Your 2018 Surgery Upgrade And Don’t Forget Your Equal Energy Exchanges!

Swift Shifts In The Field Have Mother Needing To Relocate Yet Again As The Mission House Angels Are Now Ready To Fly Out Of The Nest ! *ProudMama* And This Time, Since There Were No Evil ‘Superiors’, The Angels Won’t Be Betraying Me Like The Former Round Of Angels That I Shed My All For! Blessed Be To All On Your Journeys Into Yourselves And I Have Full Trust And Confidence In Your Wonderful Abilities At Being The Change You Wish To See! Everyday I Love You ^

Sweet Surrender, Total Acceptance And High Blessings Despite Several Polarized Magnetic Storms And Mother Is Highly Grateful For All The Advancement And Work Accomplished By All In Creation In Service To Love !

We Pray For All Impossible Situations To Witness A Break-Through On Green St. PAtty’s Celebrations ! Onward And Upward Commanders And Enjoy The New Love Octave ~

Yours – Aurora , Mother Of New Creation ^^

The Elohim.