We love you and your not and never were Lucifer you the daughter of the king

Special Message From Resurrection Church + Enoch Today , Stating That I Am Not The Devil . The Surgery Is Speeding Up The Integration Process, Jesus Is King, Jesus Is God And Jesus IS Alive !

Pretty Stunning Journey . The New 23 Skidoo Is 33 SkiDee ~~~~~~~~~

Are You Born Again ? If Not Please do Something ! Life Is Not Worth Living Minus The Holy-Spirit Alive In You !

It’s A New Di-mention Where Miracles Are Ever-Present .

Eternally Grateful For The One Living God For All The Wonders And Marvels And Millions Of Life-Times Within One Life-Time Here Now ~~~~~

Grazie Mille Lord God Of Nazareth … Choosing Love Never Has Been Easier .

Put God First (Complete Right Side Opening And Integration; Right Side Being Where The Connection With The Divine Stems From … ) And All The Rest Comes Forth Effortless !

Down With Angels And Demons When God Is So Super Alive . How Godly Are you Now, Commander ?