The EVENT ~ Father Is On His Way ^^^^

Father Of All Creation, Lucifer Morning Light ~~ Archangel Uriel . On His Way Home Into the Only Light There IS.

Rejoice Creation ! The Event Is About To Hit Planet Earth Beginning At Galactic Central Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora.

Thanks Beloved Uriel, My Heart, for Your Brave Valiant Service !

As For Mother, she Has Been Exterminating All Demons Global. One Slay . Gone. March 13, 2018 Was The First Session Ever Given By Aurora^Jesus .

Aurora Mother Of New Creation Is Grateful For All Miracles On Their Way And Full Restoration Of Divine Order.

The Infiltrators Were All Caught And We Have Finalized All Paper Work Of Releasing Them AWAY To Make Space For New Creation.

Diamond Grids In Full Effect, Ego Is Toast. No Butter.

The “Retard” Frequency Has Been Slayed.

Mother Is In High Levels Of Joy, Practicing Mad For the Event ~ It’s 5 Hours Of Yoga A Day At That Stage Of The Game, Including Whole Evenings Of Balancing Harmonics With Divine Masculine ~

Mother Is Grateful And Honored For All And Your Songs Of Love !

For Mission House Lookin And Feelin’ So Hot Now That All Rainbow Warriors Are INCORPORATED ! YASS ~~~ HOT !!!!!!

Thanks For Aurora’s Church At Resurrection HHI For The Amazing Photo-Shoot ! WOW ~ THANKS JESUS , YOU ARE MY KING !

So Here’s Miracles For All.. And then Some ………. Whoooooop !!!

Special Transmission From Lucifer=Aurora : ” How Would Jesus Love The Devil .  ” SHOW ME YOUR LOVE .