WOW ~ Session Requests, Magic And Miracles !

Greetings Love Beings!

I Am Beyond Blessed Today And Everyday Of Late And Getting All Dreams Of True Love Coming True …..

First Things First … Dear Youtube .. I Deleted You From My Phone .. As My Rainbow Angels At Galactic Central Know By Now, My Phone Had Become A “Puke Platter”….

Daily Looking At My Screen And All The Betrayals Lined Up Was Getting Bey0nd Gross So On March 9 .2018 , The Guidance Was Clear : Clear All Your Emails, Delete Youtube And Get On With It ! What Is True And Real Will Come Back To You …..

The Latest “Twin Flame” Channel Readings Were Beyond Absolutely Absurd; Most Of Them Were Telling The Divine Feminines That The So Called “Divine” Masculines Aren’t Divine The Least Bit And We Should Just Get On With It And Leave The Other Fems That Are Enticing The Masculines Get Their Cakes And Eat It Too …

So Much Confusion In The Field And All Promises That Were Made To Me Last Year When I Received My Contract Were Not Quite Honored ;

What Did Happen Instead Was Me Working On Galactic Central And Rectifying The Octave: On Monday Is when My Church Puts Me In The Registry As Aurora Diamond Rainbow ! Yeeeeehawww Dreams Of True Love Coming True !

A Few Days And We Hear Back From Town Hall At Galactic Central Regarding “Heaven On Earth” Official Registry! Yiiippeeeeeee ~

Such Hard Work And A Year Later We Notice Our Judases Were Many And Were Actually The Nearest And Dearest .. Now That Time Has Elapsed We Realize And Notice That They Had Given Us Many Ques Regarding Their Extreme Jealousy, Ill-Will, And Loathing Pretty Early On!

The Sad Part Is That Masculines Are Completely Tail Wagged By The Most Idiotic Feminines That Would Do Everything In Their Power To Destroy Mother OF New Creation! No Bid Deal .. Mother Is Made Of Diamond And Nothing Can Break This Love!

Children Reaching Out All The Way From Poland Where Uriel And My Temple Is At …Asking About Father And What Else Can I Say But “Pray For The Dude” ….

Several Session Requests Lining Up Like Magic All Of A Sudden Now And We Are Highly Honored …

Many Masculines Reaching Out Saying They Have Uriel Codes And Telling Me They Know Of My Story .. I Am Never Sure What They Mean But Probably The Man That Came Forth As My Twin Flame Has Chosen Another By Pressure From his Mother And Whoever Else In His Family He Is Subservient To !

We Here At Galactic Central Are FREE Agents Of Love And This Mission Will But Succeed !

We Never Were Able To Get The Ring And The Wedding Planned And All Twins Are Lost (Private Messaging Me Daily … Wondering When The Tree And The Future Meet … )

What Can I Say ? Russia Infiltration ? Texas Louisiana Ohio Infiltration ? California Wrong Action ?

Jealousy And Dark Energies And Voodoo And Hexes And Spells And Witchcraft And Demons ?

So I Stay Bright And Glowey ! And Focus On My Highest Levels Of Joy … To Raise Up Frequencies Here Locally At Galactic Central !

Life Is Getting So Super Flow ; Miracles Abounding And I Remain Grateful To Have Met My Twin Flame … I Let It All Go . And Above All I Let Go Of All My Judases And Ingrate Sessions Whose Main Role Was Belittling Me To Get The Men That Stepped Up For Me Away From Me .

Doesn’t Matter Love Bugs. My Power Comes From God And Is My Birth-Right Which You All Cannot Take Away!

Namaste And Blessings To All In Creation And Thanks For All The Abundant Love Donations Coming My Way !

Diamond At Galactic Central ~

Aurora Mother Of New Creation At Milky Way Galaxy Aurora