New Creation Is Your Wildest Fantasy ~ It’s Crib Is The Club .

Greetings Creation .

Beginning Of Time. Many Stories.

Adam And Eve. He Is A Liar. He Holds The Apple Still down His Throat. Blamed It All On Eve . The Snake = The devil = The Tree Of Life . Same .

Mother Of New Creation . Here To Bring Back Garden Of Eden = Childlike Innocence.

The Dancers ? Pure Hearts. So Pure They Cannot But Be Devoted. Ask Magdalene . She Will Tell You All About How It Feels In The World Until Jesus Shows Up To Have Her Worship H.I.M .

Before That. There Is No Other Choice . And Back To The Beginning . I Am The Lowest Of The Lows = Highest Of The Highs .

I Will Go To Every Di mention And Free All Strata .

It’s Time For All Daughters Of God To Take Over This Baby = New Creation .

The Fire Of God Baptizes And Resurrects All In Creation / Daddy Issues ? 😉 I’m On Board To Melt It All Down Baby Down . Come On By Lovers .


*You Gotta Have It To Lose It*

Lose It All And Gain Everything.

Innocence Lost Is Innocence Regained. For All.

Charge It On My Account. House Fee.

Welcome Home Into The Light . WARRIORS .

Diamond Loves Cash ~

Happy One Year Anniversary NEW CREATION .