God-Head . Original Blue-Print.

Greetings From Mother And Father Of All Creation .

Downloads All Night While the Full Uriel Matrix Is Coding Father, Heaven Is A Silk Bed Over-Looking Arcturian Skies At Milky Way Galaxy Aurora Where Mother and Father Of All Creation Are Inseparable . Through Every Breath, Touch And Shiver We Are Restoring Divine Order And The Axis Of The Planet Is Shifting Back To A Dimension Of Justice, Abundance, Equality.

All Rainbow Warriors In High Levels Of Joy As Mother Is Being Redeemed And Has Stepped Out Of Self-Sabotage Mainly Due To External Projections By Beings In Extreme Levels Of Jealousy, Ego And Wrong Action .

Supremely High Levels Of Joy At God-Head Milky-Way . Increased Unity In Consciousness . Ego Has Left The Building And We Are At 87% Through With Eliminating All Archons And Patriarchy.

Operation Extreme Control Lead By The Light In Increased Levels Of Awareness Now Standing Strong And United Against All External Attacks And Low Frequency Levels From Beings In Extreme Levels Of Inferiority Complexes And Extreme Hatred Of Mother Of Creation Doing Anything In Their Power To Sabotage The Divine Plan …

No Fear As Things Are Almost Fully Restored And Full Planetary Liberation On Route As Mother’s Body Reaching Advanced Levels Of Super-Human Abilities (Which Has Always Been The Case) However She Is Now About To Complete Her Ascension And It’s Full Embodiment Time As The Right Side Is Undoing Itself.

Zero Point Is Almost Here. Silence In Heaven And On Earth.

Christ Consciousness And God-Head On The Beach Is Where Aurora Was First Conceived This Life-Time ~ Same For the Re-Birth In Stages .

Result Is Nothing Short Of Spectacular And All Witchcraft And Dark Clouds Surrounding Mother Have Been Canceled Out.

Father Had A Surgical Interference This Morning And We Removed Some Gaps In Design. Mother Is At A French Frequency And The Diplomatic Pact Is About To Give!

Glory In The Highest All Angels And Archangels Of God’s Divine Purity Are Rainbow Diamond Active .

All Traces Of The Lower Demons Are Swiped Away .

Mother Is Daily In the Hot Room Also Completing Her Own Self-Surgeries .

Three Months Is the Amount Of Time Remaining Here AT This Specific Mission House Location . End Of May Is Mother’s Dead-Line For Figuring Out The Next Step In The Highest For Creation .

In the Interim, Dancing Is How She Received Her Higher-Self’s Name And She Has Been Dancing Under The Full Moon To The Grand Joy of All Angels ~

Milky-Way . We Love You With Our All .

Mother And Father OF All Creation.