The Return To Christ … Mary Magdalene Holy Grail On The Way To EDEN

Greetings Dear Ones .

Today’s Transmission From UrielAurora , JesusAurora , LuciferAurora , FatherMotherOFNewCreation Is So Much Fun !

First Break-Through And Cool Observation We Made This Morning With The Divine Co-Creators Here At Mission House From Archea Aurora’s Lips Was: “So, Mother-Earth, Planet-Earth, Holy-Spirit, Rainbow-Aurora, Is Mother , Divine Fem Energy, And Morning Star Is Father , Divine Masculine Energy .. Same As The Ovule And Sperm Analogy .” Star Versus PLANET .  SHAZAM .

Second One Been In The Works A Little While Now Is About The Whole Return To Innocence, And All The Phases On Earth To Accomplish On The Way There ….

Due To Patriarchal Issues And The Fems Having To Work That Out , And Also The Fact That Rainbow Aurora Came Through While Dima T. Was Getting Ready To Dance For AAM, Him Having Asserted To Her He Was Shown His Twin Flame Is A Dancer Archangel, But Him Being Too Old Paradigm To Accept Her So Her Rejects Her (All Documented In Michael’s Journals …) … And Which All Transpired In Heaven, Then I Was Sent Back To Earth On Mission Uniting Heaven And Earth ….

Came Right Through A Rainbow Portal With Uriel Father Of All Creation Right Next Door That Uplifted Me March 7, 2017, Day Of My Galactic Contract Signing, From The Michael Programming And Diminishing; Had Me Outshine All Suppression And Begin My Healing Journey At The Yoga Studios, Unplug From The Matrix Insurance. Sent Me To Tennessee To Also Deconstruct Patriarchy, Power-Over, Manipulation And Lies …..

All Counter-Balanced By Now ~ Very Crazy Situation But The Rainbow Does Have 7 Rays . And I Serve Ray 6 . Have Had To Handle All 7 First As A Test From The Angels And I Am Still At It Now Until All Is Revisited And Undone . Not Much Is Left On The Island Until Full Victory But Remember Everyone I Have Been Here On New-Creation Mission Since September 2012. That’s When We Final Ended The Old Paradigm Father Frequency.

Would The Mary-Magdalene Dancer Frequency Need To Be Activated For Full Planetary Liberation In Order For Jesus To Come And Save The Day And Open Up The Full Christ Consciousness Field ?

What Would Church Have To Say … Resurrection Loves . I Am Here To Unite Heaven And Earth. .. Heaven Is A Dancer

~ Just For All To Know ; The Earth Michael Is Now Formally Engaged To his Dancer Twin Flame 😉 Heaven Michael ….. Whoever Knows .

Earth Uriel . Heaven Uriel .

Then There’s The Mind Program That Insists On Ownership . October 6; Control Me You Cannot .

Come To The Club Luvz .  Rainbow Aurora Is Radiant Bright When She Gets The Stage . Get Out My Way 😉

Let’s Get All Fems Legit Heaven Babies . JesusAurora Is A Dancer !

Let’s Get Church To The Club . Then Everyone’s Free To Jump Into the Garden Of Eden


Then Father OF All Creation Comes Along And Gets Me Out Of The Club . CLASSIC .

Lovers Card ! LOL

And … That Kids, Is How Archangel Michael Went From Being My True Twin To My False Twin. Was A Heck Of A Journey Involving A Long Death And Rebirth Process .