Yeeeeeeehawwwwwwww ~

Energetics Have Been Lifted. Field All Victorious. Entities Disarmed ~ Curses Hexes Voodoo Demonix And All That Jazz Is Gone Baby Gone !

Early Rise And Mother Of Creation Is Set Up In A King Sized Glorious Bed With A Mystical Foresty View ~ Mission House IS FINALLY Back On Track After A LONG Period Of Infiltration . She Sleeps Alone Yet All The Kids Are SET-UP !!! Woooohooo !

Rainbow Warrior Crystal, Divine Fem, Also On a Twin Flame Journey That Is Tumultuous But Getting Steadier Is Now The Proud OWNER Of Island Yoga ! Yippppeeeeee ! Victory Is For The Light And All Those That Got Sessions On Are My Heart!

Rainbow Warrior Brandon With Metatronic Energies Is, Also On His Twin Flame Journey And Getting Closer, The Owner Of Bikram Studios .

The Angels Are All On Track And Things Are Flowing Way Forward With All Them Warriors That Took Sessions Now Also Serving Each Other For The Highest Good .

I Am So Beyond Grateful For The Final Undoing Of All The Dark Heavy Infiltration That Hit Galactic Central So Hard And So Proud And Honored For The Dark Seal To Have Ceased .

Father Of New Creation, Jesus Christ Is Now Teaching Me How To Pray 🙂 He Is The Most Glorious And Exalted God And By His Name He Has Throughout February Made Me His Sweet Valentine And Has Taken Me To Each Snake Pit And We Have Cut The Snakes’ Heads OFF . LITERALLY Not One Demon Escaped This; Local Or Global.

Father-God, Father-Of-All-Creation, Jesus-Christ Is Raising Me Up To The Highest !

Yeeehawww ~ I Am Infinitely Grateful For Jesus’ Crib At Resurrection Church And The Upcoming Rebirth Photo-Shoot As “Aurora Diamond Rainbow” ~ We Are The New Government In The Name Of Jesus Christ And The Most Exalted And highest Example Of True Love And True Victory For The Light In The Name Of The King Of All Kings Now Making Me His Queen Of All Queens.

Jesus Is My Holiest, Highest And Most Incredible God . He Has Shifted The Energetics For Mission House Galactic Central, All The Yoga Studios Who Were In Competition Now Are All Flow.

I Am In All Studios Daily Least 3 Hours And Going Strong!

Total Resurrection And Full Strength Recovery Is Due For March !

Looking Forward To Rainbow Aurora’s Galactic Federation Contract First Year Anniversary On March 7, 2018 ! Woooohoooo Such STRIDES In Construct !

Not Only Have I Won Global Battles And Recognition But I Have Also Affirmed Presence Through Hard Diligent Work Locally At Church As Well As At My Work Place (Yoga) Which Is Uniting Heaven And Earth !

More To Come In the Following Few Hours As The Progress Now Is Uni-Directional Now That All Battles Have Been Vanquished !

It’s All Or Nothing .

Left To Visit My Home-Base Yoga Crib At JIVA To Feel Into My Own Skills At Vinyasa Meet Ashtanga, Yin And Kundalini Including Meditation, Reiki!

Spiritual Healing Sessions Still Available !

Will Aurora Be Hitting The Gentleman’s Club ?! It Is Through Dancing That Her Higher Self Revealed Herself In December 2016 😉

Let’s Do It Creation ! 144.000 = Aurora’s Heart ! YES

Forgiveness And Letting Go Is Key . Self-Love Through Christ Is All There Is.