New Creation Tools ~ Uniting Heaven And Earth :

A Tool That Is Ground Breaking ….

“Blood Of Jesus” ~ Visualize Jesus’ Blood Sanctifying Creation … Say Out Loud: “Jesus You’re The Most Exalted God Thanks I Love You”: Visualize His Blood Out From Your Heart Flashing All Around Milky Way Galaxy Aurora : “Sanctify Sanctify Sanctify with The Holy Blood Of Jesus .”

Similar To The “Violet Flame Of Germaine” ~ Call In Saint Germaine And Thank Him And Say You Love Him Visualize his Violet Flame Flashing Out From Your Heart All Over Creation …

Except That I Am Now Relinquishing All Of Creation To Simply Jesus…. When I Got A Bunch Of Archangels On Board It Was A Disaster 😉

So What I Also Have Been Experimenting With Is Using The Angelic Methods (Letter Burning) In The Name Of Jesus ..

Looks Like This Time Is It ! New Transcript Is Cool As Ever And Prayer Power Is Super Incredible !

Love All In Creation And Super Looking Forward To Makin’ It Rain … And For All To See Father And I As One ! Wow What A Sight And What Love !

Uniting Heaven And Earth ~ An All Inclusive Enterprise .