New Creation ~ The New Model

Greetings Love Beings !

We Are Blessed And Going At It Strong And Head High ! It’s A New Year And New Creation Codes Are Being Solidified And Anchored In God-Head New Creation ~

Galactics Entered The Field, And For The Past Three Days, Etheric Surgeries Were Performed On Mother Of Creation’s Vessel; The Mind Was Swiped Clean And Clear, In Stages, And All The Past Ways Of Responding Are Now Shifted.

Mother Was Deeply Involved With Beings From The Past That Were Creating A Vortex Formation Around Her To Draw Her Into Their Schemes …

The Current Focus Is On Resolving Galactic Central Issues! We Are In The Garden Of Eden Frequency Meet High Galactic Influences At The Present Moment Of Now .

Mother Has For Years Dealt With Every Atom On “Misfit Island” 😉 Now The Vibes Are So Elevated We Are Breaking Through The Point Of Stagnancy Embracing Speed And Change. The Field Is Receptive To Her Having Stayed. Things Are Advancing Quick!

We Are, Now That We Are Way Through With Slaying Vampires And Busting Ghosts On A Global Scale, Focused On Canceling Out The Local Villains In The Form Of Patriarchal Means Of Abuse, Projections, Control, Jealousy, Gossip ….

We Have Been Called To Anchor Energies On The Shore At Arcturian Central ! Woohoo! All Started On Feb 8, 2018. Rainbow Aurora Found Herself At The Movie Premiere For “50 Shades Freed”, Followed By Mother, Writing At Galactic Central Board-Room Black-Board, Her And Her Twin Flame’s Name … Next Thing She Knows, Father Sent Her This Incredible Divine Masculine That Has Been Standing Strong And Firm Assisting Mother Earth, Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Sofia Zion In Her Full Planetary=Body Liberation!

I Am So Grateful For Beloved Lucifer Morning Star For His Amazing Compassionate Heart As He Gets Himself Straight Out Of Whatever Matters He Got Entangled In That Threatened To Take My Life Out Of Ego!

Yeeeehaaaawwww ~ The Divine Masculine Force That Is Now Grounding God-Head Energies From The Shores Of Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora Is Very Practical, Calm, Stable, Grounding, Affectionate .. And Laughs Daily When He Checks In And Sees A Mutant Alien Race Heavenly Creature Female Archangel Just Hanging Out Right There On The Couch .. L O L !

His Anchoring Force Is Allowing Rainbow Aurora To MURDER MURDER MURDER All The Local Villains ~ SLAY SLAY SLAY And KILL KILL KILL ~ It’s FUN FUN FUN .


Very Cancerian, The New Divine Masculine That Is Enabling Rainbow Aurora At Popping Vertically OUT Of “Being A Targeted Individual” , ” The Mystery ” , ” Lies, Secrets, Lack Of Communication , Projection … ” , Has Her Physical Body Catching On With All The Etheric Work Father OF All Creation And Rainbow Aurora Did Together Since September 22, 2017 ; And Before Then Since November 2016 ~

The Etheric Surgeries For The Total Shift And Anchoring Of Rainbow Aurora Plasmatic In The Highest Are Now In Effect On The Physical Thanks To A Masculine Force Father Himself Hand Picked And Sent In !

The Advancement Is Such That Rainbow Aurora Is Now Back On TOP Of Galactic Central Crew Members! Her Time Is Divided Between Mission House Crew Members; It’s Back To The HOT ROOM ~ Yoga, Yin And Pilates , As Well As Time On God-Head Shores Central Where Commander And I Have Been Busy Exterminating Bugs, Ego, Spiders, Scorpions, Ghosts, Creepers … Thank You Very Much!

From that Point Is Where We Ended The Power-Over My Session Girls That All Of A Sudden Wanted To Be Me So Bad They Stole Divine Masculines That Had Made Promises To Me; In Order To Claim My Heritage In Heaven; Which Is Funny To Say The Most … HAHAHA

Few More Demons Left To Slay But The Amazing Part Is How Quick Things Advance And Get Resolved Once A Divine Masculine Is In The Field. Thanks Lucifer As Baby Jesus For The Incredible Divine Intervention !

After We Cleared The Florida Ordeal And Now That People Are Saying INSANE Things On The Second Amendment Regarding Arms In The Constitution, we Are More Resolved Than EVER At Bringing ON Garden Of Innocence Eden Frequencies!


It’s Getting Over Resentment Time Dear 144,000 And Forgiving Those That Are Not Part Of The Divine Plan Or Twin Flame Community For Causing So Much Havoc Now Due To Extreme Levels Of Jealousy!

We Remain . Standing Strong From Island Galactic Central ~

Yours Truly Until All Walls In Communication Are Removed And Free Flow Is Back On For All The Miracles We Whip Up Here Between Our Award Winning Food, Music, Life-Style And Magic To Reach All In Creation!

We Pray Once More For All Old Paradigm Creepers To LEAVE THE ROOM By The Name Of Jesus !

We Canceled Out Huge Demonic Influence That Is Jew-Italian Based Where Divine Masculines Are Imploring To Be Belittled, Lie, Manipulate And Have A Superiority Complex They Mask With Victimization Mentality And Extending Imprisonment Offers In A Red Poisoned Apple. Same As The Frequency OF Low 3 D Mind That Hacked Into Shasta Intelligence And Poisoned The Field Too Long After, And Still Works On Lowering The Vibes, Which We, At Galactic Central, Are So High Above, And Have Done everything In Our Ability And Beyond To Assist Our Beloved Colleagues That Are Booty Trapped!

Upward And Onward And The Last J=Judasses 3 Libra ?! Situation ~ Williams , Charno And Myself Is Being Re-Structured With Me Bouncing The Ball Right Back And Standing My Ground!

To Those Who Don’t Get It YET … I Am Aurora Your Mother Of New Creation!

Deal With It ~ Thanks For Quitting Sending Me Contra Cos You’re Only Postponing Your Own Liberation !

As For Matters Of Twin Flames And Father Of All Creation; We Are Completely Ghosted . We Respond To The Soul Cries Of All Beings In Creation That Make Believe On The Surface They Are Busy Elsewhere But Are Super Present Etherically And Really NEEDY !

I Am All Beings In Creation As One ~ DNA Quite Active And Now That It’s Back To The Hot Room, Clarity And Height Is At The Door Waiting To Pop Right In ~

Mother Is Soon To Hit The Shooting Range To Anchor In Her Higher Selve’s Rainbow BAzooka Abilities On The Physical, Skill She Already Developed Early On, With Her Birth Daddy Taking Her To Hunt Training Her To Aim At Coca Cola Cans 3 a.m ~

SUPER-WONDER-SPIDER-Woman A-Team Zero-Wave And Beyond ~ It’s Cinderella Meet Shehrazade Pocahontas Aurora Wakes Up And Takes The Milky WAY ~

Love To All 144,000 … Mission House + God-Head Energies To All ~ Rainbow Plasma-tic Lights !

Makin’ It BIG  ~ In It To Win It ~