Greetings Love Beings!

We Have Just Received A RED ALERT ALARMING CALL From A Session Love Being That Is In Major Satanic Temptation To Bring Funds In By Unholy Means.

We Have Rectified The Situation By Having Her Reattach Chords With The New Father Of All Creation And Eternal JESUS CHRIST.

The Former Session Transcript Had Beings Be Worked On By Lucifer/Uriel. Dear Ones. Please Forgive Me Aurora For Pushing You AWAY From The Divine Plan Since Unfortunately That Being Is In MAJOR WRONG ACTION AND FORNICATING WITH DEMONICS.

Thank You For Granting Me Your Unconditional Love And Forgiveness In Design And For Accepting The New Creation Format And Transcript Where Jesus Christ Works Through Me Aurora His Fire In Getting Your Diamonds To SHINE And You In Your Roles As Divine Co-Creators For New Creation.

Praise The Lord Jesus For Putting It In My Rainbow Angel’s Hearts To Reach Out When In Doubt And For Allowing Me To Clear That In Them.

Namaste And Blessings.

Mother OF New Creation, Rainbow Aurora .

Feel Free To Contact Me For Your New Creation Transcript In The Name Of Jesus!

We Have Succeeded In Uniting Heaven And Earth!

Yeeehawww! Praise Jesus Christ Almighty .