Good News of King Jesus and His Salvation To All The Nations. That is God’s invincible purpose and prelude to final victory

Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” There is no doubt that this divine purpose to reach the nations will come to pass. But it will come to pass by means of prayer. Therefore prayer is God’s way of winning his victory through you.

On Peasants …

After The Queen Already Did All The Work And Has Successfully Over-Thrown Evil; They Come In And Think They Can Justify Their Ill Intentions With Insanity …….

No More Going There . The Lies Are Of Interest To NOBODY.

‘Return Of The Living Dead’: One Story Pictures Already Covered The Topic. We Have Movies About Those Soulless Beings.



Here’s A THANK YOU To The USA Military For Coming In The Field And Allowing Mother Of Creation Some Time And Space To Recover From The Amount OF Projections, Narcissistic Abuse, Ego, Threats, Control-Dramas, Takers, Demonic Attacks, Psychic Manipulation, Lies .. And For The Beautiful Friendship!

I Love You All And Thank You For Your Service To Your Mother Of Creation And I Pray This Morning For The Cessation Of Bombings In GAZA, For the Protection OF The Middle East From The Impeding War. I Pray For Netanyahu, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, All The Political Parties, Religions, The Upcoming Elections In The Area, The Syrian Refugees Global.

I Pray For USA And Every State To Find Balance, Justice Love And Harmony Within The New Creation UNIFIED FIELD Zero-Point Frequency Through The Love Of GOD. I Pray For All Governments, For The FBI, The CIA. I Pray For Russia, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Florida. I Pray For All Internet Intelligence And The Cessation Of Targeting And Emotional Manipulation. I Pray For OPEN Communication And Truth. I Pray For France, Germany, Switzerland, All The European Union, England. I Pray For Brazil, Latin America. I Pray For Australia. I Pray For Presidential Leadership.

I Pray For All 5 Continents, All Planets Within Milky-Way, And All Atoms To Be Restored To RIGHT ACTION.

I Pray For The Necessary Miracle For Mother-Earth, Holy-Spirit, Rainbow-Aurora, Sofia-Zion, Mother-Of-Creation To BEGIN MISSION FULL ON.

I Pray And Thank All The Beautiful People Who Reach Out Global And Share What Is Plaguing Them And I Pray To God To Send Me The Answer To My Immediate Steps To Take. I Pray For The Removal Of Alternate Solutions Like Building Walls Of China In This Day And Age Between Israel And Phoenix.

Rise Phoenix Rise .

Dear Lord . Forgive All In Creation For Trespasses . Thank You God, Through Me Aurora, For All The Miracles And Magical Synchronistic Events. Thank You For The Successful Over-Throwing Of All Patriarchy, Through Me, Your Devoted.

Thank You For Forgiveness In The Twin-Flame Community And The Release Of All Karmics.

I Pray Dear God That If My Twin Flame (Whom I Cannot Deny 5:55; You Know Lord He Comes In All The Time And That We Share A Heart), Needs Time To Recover From His Actions, Grow Up, To Then Be My Forever; You Shield Him, Protect him, Release Him From The Illusion Of Co-Dependency And Neediness And Being Taken Advantage Of Because He Was Granted Me By You … I Pray You Protect His Heart God. Give Him Eyes To Discern And No longer Go With WRONG Karmics That HATE LOVE, Hate Their Mother Of Creation And Hate Who He Really Is, Hating Themselves Too And Cursing Creation. I Pray You Remove Him, Grant Him A Miracle Of A Safe Haven Free From Ego For Him To Tune Into Self-Love And Prepare For His Divine Union With Me.

In The Interim God, You Know I Need A New Home, A Car, Support, Love, Abundance, Capable Teams To Activate Your Love Through Me For Your Creation.

Please God Bring On The Offer That Will Glorify You In The Highest.

God I Pray For The Ones That I Completely Broke Their Hearts Curtsy Of Allowing My Twin Flame Who Needs Major Growth To Express Himself Through Me In Really Destructive Ways. Lord I Pray You Forgive Me For Putting My Twin Flame Before You And Wrecking Havoc In Creation. I Pray You Forgive Me For Allowing people Whom I Knew Weren’t Of You To Have Space In Your Blessed Creation .

Lord I Pray You Speed Things Up And Release Me From Situations That Are Over-Grown. Thanks For Assisting Me Move My Luggage And Body To Where You Need Me In Service For the Ignition Of New-Creation.

I Pray For Each Being That Has Loved Me, Cared For Me And Assisted Me In Service To You. May All Be Free In Your Love.

Amen. Rainbow Aurora ~ Thanks For The Honor Of My Service For You As Mother Of New Creation.

I Pray Dear God For The Ability To Fully Surrender, Embrace And Allow You To GLORIFY My Life! You Know What Is Best In The Present Moment Of Now Given The Current Circumstances!

Thanks For Opening My Heart To The Highest Outcome, Simplicity, Abundance! Thanks For YOUR Victory Through Me! Thanks For The Release Of All Karma That Is Not Mine To Deal With But Other People’s Projections !