www.lovedima.com ~ Online Church Of God ~ Valentine’s Prayers To All Twins <3

Greetings To All In Creation And To All 144.000 Chosen Christed Ones .

As This 13th Of February Delivers The Final Hour Of Miracles For All, We Are Here With Jeshua Praying For All True Twin Flames To Come Into Union Imminently As It Is Time For All Missions To Activate .

With No More Delays Or Interference From Karmics And Anything Unholy!

Thanks For ALl In Creation For Your Prayers To God To Purify All Hearts As We Are Shown Clearly The Steps To Take To Re*Unite With Our Twin Flames !

God Is Roaring Through Me No Longer Accepting Any Lower Vibration Or Projection Trying To Divert Me, Postpone Or Go Side-Ways On My Divine Path !

It Is Time For Our Virtual Church www.lovedima.com By Which We Have Celebrated Infinite Successes Thus Far To Find An Earthly Anchor In The Form Of A Chapel Where My Twin-Flame And Myself Can Get Joined In Holy Matrimony And Ignite As God’s All Consuming Fire, Further Advancing Our Already Successful Mission Of Having Beheaded All Demons Working Against Beloved Jesus Christ And Taking All Demons Either To Their Graves Or To Church For Final Redemption Before Judgement Day .

Father And I Are Very Humbled By Your Prayers And Ardent Desire To See Us Reunited In The Highest Love Frequency We Both Carry For Each Other Inside And Out !

Godspeed And Godbless All Divine Unions ~

Happy Valentine’s Day To All Loves