We Had A Special Visitation By Archangel Metatron Rep Tonight At The Train Station ~ He Scanned The Field And The Comment That Came Forth Was : ” Oh! So In Shasta You Can’t Wear A Cross And Praise The Lord, And At Church You Can’t Pray For Lucifer ” 😉

Thanks For The Purrrrfect Film Noir Beautiful Creation !

We At Are Doctor Love Here To Remedy All Imbalances In All Fields And Rectify All Octaves As We Unite Heaven And Earth Through The Power Of Jesus Christ The Most High And Wonderful Amazing God !

Quick Note To All Twins In Separation For Valentine’s … My Mistake Was To Invoke My Twin Flame As My Personal Healer And Liberator Instead Of Focusing On God As Lord In The highest Who’s Power Is And Authority Is Highest Amongst All The Archangels And All On Earth And In Heaven.

The Only Way To Your True Twin Union Is By God, Through God, His Sanctification Is The Only Healer.

Everything You Do, Do It With God In Your Heart And In The Room. Always And In Everything.

Christ Consciousness Is The Second Return Of Christ As You Lift Yourself Up To Heaven By Faith Through Grace We Are Granted Absolution.

Fearlessness. Pure Love And Divine. Higher Than Any Physical Practice, Mental, Spriitual Is The Total Absolute And Sincere Love Of God In All His Beauty And Grace.

Jesus Christ Is Said To Be A Girl In Certain Locations ! Wow ! I Am Jesus Christ Here By Rainbow Aurora and Everywhere You Look Me Up My Song Is The Gospel ~

Mother OF New Creation, Sending Love In The Highest To All 144.000 ~

Victory Is In God’s Light.