She’s The Only NAKED ~

It’s Time .. For A New Global Government ~ Are WE THE PEOPLE . Here To Ensure Every Being’s Highest Benefit Is Served Up . We Treat People Better Than We Ever Were Treated. Every Being Has The Sovereign Right By God To Live Their Soul Purpose. We Stand Firm Against Enslavement Of All Kinds, Lies, Manipulation, Mind Control And Terrorism.

The Plug Has Been Pulled From All Old Systems And There Has Been A Huge Delay In Delivery To Which We Hold Ourselves 100% Responsible .

It’s Time For The Old Powers That Aren’t To Take A Chill Pill And Find Their Way Back To Their Hearts And We Will Be Providing Special Facilities To Facilitate This Process .

We Treat All In Creation Humanely.

We Are All Heart And Here To Restore HEART On Planet Earth . We Are Love And We Live To Love .

Our Religion Is Kindness . Our God Is Love. Our Motto Is Simplicity . Our Food Is Manna .

We Love You All Like We Love Love.