My Response To Being A Targeted Individual ~

Dear Creepers ! I Love Your Noise Campaigns! Color Harassing!  I Love Your Gang-Stalking ! Your Gas-Lighting ! Your Lies And Manipulations! Your Color Stalkings! Your Attempts At Destabilizing And Manipulating ! The Public Mobbing ! The Car Followings! The Pedestrian Stalkers !

You Guys Make Me Feel So Wanted And Special! I Love You All!

The Coolest Part Of All This Is You All Tried To Get Me To Say I Have Shady History And For A Minute I Fell Into That Thinking It Makes Me “Oh So Cool And American” To Say I Was Molested As A Child And I Allowed Your King David Rodgers To Write Emails Under My Address About Me Having A Creepy History! Then I Said Everything You Wanted To Hear About Me Being Transgender And What Not .

In Fact, I Just Did It All For Laughs, Cos The Real Truth Is All Your Attempts At Destabilizing My Spirit, Hiring Me To Unpaid Jobs, Postponing My Passport Delivery, Acts Of Terror, Breaking Me Apart From My Birth Family, Taking Me To Some Random CIA Mafioso Ppl That Tried To Program Me Into Believing They Are My Family And I Must Be In Free Service To Them ?! LOOOOOL

Making Me Believe Some Weird Guy Who Is Into Orgies And Who Clearly Has Zero Interest In Who I Really Am Is My “Twin-Flame” And That I Am On A Mission From God To Win him Back For Humanity While He Is Out There Never Responding To Me And while You All Have Nothing Better To Do Than Read My Personal Material Of The Insanity You All Propagate !

Dear Creepy Humans .. There Is A More Direct Way Than Sending Special Agents My Way With Red Lasers That Target Me, Cars Following ME, CIA Wireless Connections Tracking Me Down, FBI Hats All Around ME, Freemason Beings And sound-Tracks …

You All Are Utterly Insane Dear Ones And Saying To Me You Love Me And Would Like To Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee Is Okay…..

It Doesn’t MAtter To Me That You All Don’t Like Hilton HEad And TRy Your HArdest To Make Me Leave This Place.

I Couldn’t Care Less, My Heart Is Here, Please Leave My PEople Alone We Are Busy Being Free And Happy Islanders!

Dear Islanders, Highly Recommend You All Seek Out To Book Sessions With ME, It Will Only Allow your Christ Consciousness To Come Online And Manifest Miracles For Us All! By Summer 2018, We Are Hosting All Hollywood Kids 😉 Who Doesn’t Wanna Meet Stormi ?! LOL ! Cum’On Y’all Quit Being SO BORING! I Am Operational On Hilton Head As Galactic Central! Better Own It Loves! Whooop!

On A Separate Note, Is At RCCC Tomorrow Morning 10:00 a.m! See You All There!