He Said : “You’ll Be Thanking Me For Getting You In The Game” .

Matthew 16:23 23Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

HUH ??????  The Only Way This Is Going Is I’m ENDING YOUR GAME COS IT’s BORING. Never Came Here To Play . I Came Here To Take You Home. And You Been Fighting . And You Have Since Invented A Hell Bound Army All Fighting .

You Even Mind Programmed Me Into A Board-Game Where Going Home Is Near Impossible.

You Fucked Shit Up And You And Your Armies Say You Did This For Me .

No Loves. I’m A Simple Girl And You All Would Have Looked For Me And Found Me From The Peace And Quietude OF My Home . Which Is Home.

Being Targeted Makes You All Targets . You All Are The Devil’s Targets And You Are Targeting God . So Now I Take You All To Church . With Your Gaslighting And Whatever You Are About.

Doesn’t Affect Greatness. Weakness Cannot Touch God. We At www.lovedima.com Are The Real Untouchables. By God’s Name .

So I Get Offered A Road Trip To Tennessee Few Days Ago And Just Now To Florida . HA .

No More Reaching Out To Ghosts. The Only One That Spoke Threatened My Life 😉

We Heard From Utah, North Dakota And Colorado And We Send Love And Light To You All ~

Strong We Remain . We Are Citizens Of Heaven ~ www.lovedima.com ~

And We Are About To Head Out On Our First Official Date Since 1911 .

GodSpeed .