At We Stand Firm Against “NWO”

New World Order Is Not Who We Are. In Fact We Are Daily Targets To That Intelligence And They Operate Through Gang Stalking And Electronic Manipulation As They Are Super Afraid Of Intelligence And People With Souls And Want To Own Those People As Part Of Them.

{Basically These People Are An Organized Religion Kind Of Movement Whereby There Will Be No Global Currency Unification; It’s Just About Mass Conformism And Mass Control Which Is Not Who We Are. We Are Mass Liberators. The Way Of The New. Childlike Souls Living Their Purpose.}

I Am Not Part Of Any Association I Am A Free Agent, I Am My Own Dream Of True Love Come True And This Is Basically About Me Embodying The Sum Total Of All My Skills Put Together That I Acquired And Revealed To Myself On This Magical Journey. Total DNA Awakening And Activation.

Basically The Highest Point To Attain As Far As We Are Concerned Is “Self-Love” Hence Our Name : ~ Mother Earth Is In Dire Need Of Pure True And Total Self-Acceptance After All She Has Been Through Eons Now. We Embody A Return To Garden Of Eden Before The Fall And Satan’s Work. And We Are Taking Over This Reality Because Our Love Quotient Is Beyond All Boundaries.

The Highest One Rises Within, Allowing Every Failed Dream To Fuel Oneself To Reach Higher Peaks And Wilder Dreams, The More Successful One Feels And The More Real One Gets.

This Basically Is A “Getting My American Dream = American Citizenship” Actualization Diary, That I Am Sharing In The Highest With All Hearts As One!

USA Truly Is The Land Of Opportunity And With Every Good Marvel Comes Dark And Danger; Yes, I Have Had Multiple Challenges On My Road To Freedom And Actualization, Total Embodiment And Self Discovery As My Americanization Goes Way Deeper, To My Every Strata …

I Am For A New America. A Dream That Includes All This Planet And All The Galaxy.

That Erases All The Old American History Of Violence, Terror, Rigid Rules And Lying To The People.

A New Story Of Love!

It Has Been An Honor To Share, To Fully Embody My Whole Brilliant Awakened Self, And To Be The Highest Vision Version Of Myself Representing The Whole and Leading Love Into A Higher Dimension.

Thanks To All My Amazing Supporters And Happy Sunday Funday !