One Night Out At Million Dollar Diamond Vault BarmudaTriangle Is All Is Takes To See The Truth Behind All And Everything …

A Former Deployed Army Veteran That’s 33 😉 Telling Me Stories In Afghanistan About When They Had To Shoot People : When The People Came And Attacked Them Out Of Fear And Dogma, While They Are There To Establish Constitution And Bill Of Rights For All In Creation As ONE!

In Truth, It’s All Love .

So I Asked Him Why They Don’t Just go Make Love To The Girls There ….  Our Troops Are Generally Handsome Young Studs That Can Melt Down All Social Walls . I Also Secretly Wish They Fly Over Those Lands And Drop Flowers And Candy From Their Military Planes … Something’s Gotta Give And Ain’t No Power Higher Than The Power Of Love!

The Man Answers : ” Have You Tried Approaching a Muslim Girl .. “

So Truly … God Must Unite Us So We Stop Making Believe All The Time. There Is No Need To Send Armed Men Anywhere If Love Is The Only Rule.

The Only Way This Can Happen Is For Lucifer To LEAVE Creation. Which Is My New Mission, Last Step To Finalize Uniting Heaven And Earth.

Hell Has No Place On Earth Whatsoever. Nor In Creation. Lucifer Is The Reason Behind Organized Religion, Terrorism, Wars, Fear, Abused Children, Abused Animals … Lucifer IS The Simple Word Summary for The Annunaki’s Ego-Mind Program. Lucifer MUST LEAVE CREATION In Peace So All Children Can Get Out Of Narcissism, Self-Destruction, Depression, Hatred, Loss, Dumb Behavior, Betrayal, Treachery, STDs, Theft ….. Lucifer Cannot Be Redeemed. Only Transformed . All In Creation Must Transmute All Luciferian Genes Into Archangel Uriel Rainbow Frequency!

Thanking All Christed Hearts For The Power Of The Holy-Spirit Through Us All In Shifting The Axis Of Mother-Earth, Gaia-Sofia, Rainbow-Aurora, MONC To Be Perfectly Healed And Aligned With Love=God On Planet Earth=Love . It’s Time For Gardens Of Eden And Peace On Earth! Joy! Serenity! New-Creation! Golden Age For All ~