Mission Truth .. God’s Alive Inside And Out … One Slip And You’re In A Rabbit Hole

Or In The Belly Of A Whale With Demons Eating You Alive For Having A Soul And Being A Twin While They Are Not Part Of Creation Or Of The Divine Plan .

Stay MindFul Everyone! One Mistake Can And Will Drown You Deep Under … How It Happened With My Twin Was Instead Of Meeting Me On His Knees With A Ring Second Time He Got To Ever Meet Me (After He MAJORLY Messed The First Time By Also Choosing Devils Instead Of Driving Us Away to A Chapel And Trusting God), When I Rode All The Way To His Town After Forgiving him his First Batch Of Mistakes, Was He Thought It Would Be Fun To Play Everyone’s Game And Make Pretend He Is Cool And Hip And Take Our Love Elsewhere And Use It To Justify His Retardation And His People’s!

This Battle Is NOT For The Meek Of Heart! One Wrong Step And You Fall Prey To Dark Devils That Are Jealous And Hating And See Things For What They Aren’t And Want The World To Believe Their Lies And Think That They Can Get Places Through Fornication And Wrong Action!

Lies Won’t Get Anyone Anywhere And All Karmic Situations Can Only Be Dissolved Through God Who Is Everyone’s Super-Power! God Is Alive Inside And Out !

My Twin Flame Only Needs To Drive Away With God At Heart! Go To A Shelter Or Church And I Told Him Millions Of Times To Come Here Where God Is King And That He Will Be Loved.

Instead He Shies Away And Stays With Kali And BanKiMoon And Lilith And All Sorts Of Demons Because He Feels Unworthy And Guilty.

Even If He Is Married OR Expecting A Child Or Has A Child With A Devil, The Minute He Chooses Jesus his Sins Will Be Washed Away.

His Being On Earth Is to Teach Everyone The Greatest Lesson …… By Being The Shift Himself And Showing All The Children In Creation God’s Power When You Give Your Heart To Him, He Will free The World!

We PRay For Him To Free All The Spiritual Prisoners In Warfare Causing Major Crisis On Earth Empowering The Dark By Allowing Them to Get Their Way Another Day!

Meanwhile … In Heaven …. Galactic Central www.lovedima.com

To All Twins …. If You Think You Can Get Away Without Taking Your Twin To Church First Thing … Be Mistaken . One Wrong Move And What Happened In My Case Is My Own BridesMaid Captured The Groom And is Showing Her True Colors Not Just By Having Threatened My Life, Threatened To Kick Me Out Of USA, Wears My Soul To Fornicate With My Twin, Makes Believe She Is ME. Basically She Is A Demon And So Are All Her Buddies And They Captured My Twin Flame Cos He Lacked Wisdom And Failed To Marry Me When I Attracted Funds For Victory Of The Light And Went Out Of My Way To Visit Him And he Took That For Granted .

No Dears. Everything In Life Is Precious And If You Fail To Recognize This, You Will Fall At The Bottom Of The Abyss!