Praise The Lord!

We Have Offered Up Prayers As One Heart, One United Indivisible Nation, In God’s Name, To Unite The Nations Beginning Mother Jerusalem , Sofia-Zion, Rainbow Aurora, Mother-Earth, Holy-Spirit, As Having Already Received Her Morning Star, Archangel Uriel, God’s Fire And Bringer Of God’s Light, In Divine Holy Union At Resurrection Church Hilton Head Island, Crib Of New Creation !

We At Galactic Central Are Grateful For Beloved Jesus Christ’s Blessings As Well As God The Father, For Sacrificing His Only Begotten Son For All In Creation’s Sake! We Are Grateful For The Power Of Resurrection! May There Be Light!

We Have Lifted Up The 144.000 Chosen Twin Flames, God’s Children Here On Earth, In Prayer Last Evening In A Warm And Blessed Church Where Jesus Is Alive! Resurrection Church Here To Unite All In Creation From Galactic Central Hilton Head Island!~

We Have Prayed For The Redemption Of Jonah From Inside The Whale, And For His Return To Dry Land, Reborn And Resurrected, Ready To Be In Service To God!

Aurora And Uriel Have Always Been One Soul And It Is Time For Them To Come Together In The Physical In Holy Divine Union Under God’s Glory And In God’s Name!

We Have Lifted Up All In Creation: Fauna And Flora And All Of Planet Earth As Well As Milky Way Galaxy In Prayer, For Jesus To Restore His Beloved Creation And Establish His Divine Plan Now That Lucifer Is Finally Out Of Duty And Has Departed From Our Beloved Creation!

Joy To The World And Praise The Lord!

It Is Time For All Dreams Of True Love To Come True !~

Thanks Beloved Jesus For All The Miracles About To Occur For All Hearts United As One !