But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.

To The Chosen People ,

That’s The Only To Go ……..  Never Stop Loving, No Matter How Hard You Are Hit, Mocked, Bullied. It Doesn’t Matter In Reality . Not Even In Bodies . Not To Any Order Or Creature .


This IS Insider Info, And The Moment My Life Got Threatened By My Former Bridesmaid To Be, After She Thought In Her Mind She Became The Bride By Playing Demonic Games With My Former Groom To Be, My Father Gave Me 48 Hours To Leave USA CAse The Situation Escalades.

He Knows Me Like No Other, And Has Seen What I Do For Love Since Birth. He Was There Everyday When I Ate Voluntarily Poisonous Plants, When I Stood And Played On Edges Of SKy High Rooftop Buildings, When I Stood On The Roof Waving At The War Bombers To Take Me Home .. And Much More.

My Dad Knows I Would Not Look Back And Die For Love But We’ve Honestly Come Too Far Since 19 Billion Years Ago And That’s When Jesus Christ Came Through And Took Me To Church And The Holy Spirit Is Resurrecting; My Power Is Re-Igniting. I Am Back To A State Of Love And Ultimate Victory.

Nothing Matters Anymore ; I Was Seeking Humanity’s Approval But God Reminded Me He Already Gave Me His Ring Of Eternal Love. He Chose Me And only Me To Be Mother Of Creation.

He Has Forgiven Me For All My Delays, And People Pleasing, And Falls.

He Is Crowning Me And Glorifying Me As I Am Him.

He Is A Fair God. And Humans Cannot Be Blamed For Their Actions. They Simply Are Not God. They Can Try And That’s A Great Thing If Done Wholeheartedly And With No Ego!

I Have Been Reminded Overnight Of What My Mission Entails And That Consists Of Rebuilding King David’s Broken Palace In Jerusalem. DUH . And of Course Unifying Jerusalem Under The One Living God.

New Creation Is Zion, Bride Of The Lord. I Am Blessed And I Will Keep On Rising To Meet God’s Plans And Vision For His Beloved Chosen Ones.

God Is Your Heart Loves. Doesn’t Matter If You Are Chinese Or Belong To Whatever Religion. If You Feel Him And Allow Him To Live Through You. You’re A Chosen One. If You Stray He Allows You To Lose Your Soul. There IS Free Will ! I Choose God’s Will And He Knows It And He Breathes Through Me.

Anyway ! The Island Is Crying Today, Divine Fems Around Here Are Threatening To Kill Themselves.. No Matter How Hard I Try To Stay Out Of Sight To Spare People My Pain, It Is Felt In The Field.

My Only Way Out Is God Since No Mortal Or Immortal Can Reach Me. They Are Busy Fornicating Elsewhere And That’s Okay .

Peace N Love To All And I’m At Resurrection Church HHI 6:30 We Be Praying For Unity Starting Jerusalem And Beyond.

Thanks To My Rainbow Warriors Phoenix For Coming Up With Mission House BAALBECK . WOW ! I AM HONORED . Cedar’s Is Where It’s At . Have All Surrounding Area Beings Drive Over To Us . After WE Open Up Frontiers With Israel .

Under God’s Blessing, We Keep On Going.

Love All My Chosen People As One.

Aurora MONC ~