Mission Investigating Lucifer Is Re*active Now That Mission I’m*Possible Is OVER !

Great News Beloveds!

Mission I’m*Possible Is COMPLETE! We Have Gone To All Tectonic Plates Starting From The Chore Of The Earth, Studied All Lava Movements And Released All The Gaps In Creation.

As A Result We Have Confirmed The False Identity Of Those Who Were Trying So Hard To Steal My Identity.

Basically I Have Been Hijacked By Several Groups Of Dark Aliens (3 Times To Be Precise) And Each Group Has A Being That Makes Believe She Is ME That Rules A Band Of Clandestine People. Some Are Soulless, Most Are Demons. And In Each Group They Have A Mock Lucifer, Morning Star, Father OF All Creation That They Use To Weaken Me From The True Light And Love OF God .

Mission I’m*Possible Is Officially Complete. I Have Terminated The Dealings With All Fakers Which I Forgive As It Really Isn’t Their Fault They All Have Been Part Of Experiments On Earth By The Annunakis And The Cabals.

I Forgive Myself For Believing So Strongly That Archangel Uriel My Beloved Morning Star, Same Being As Lucifer, Was In The Body Of A Being That He Simply Has No Part OF.

The Way The Being Revealed That He Is A Faker Is By Allowing Fake Feminines Make Believe They Are Me.

The Real Lucifer Would Smash Those With God’s Sword Of Truth At Hello … Not Dwell Inside Them And Let Them Call Him A Cat ….

Again, Absurd Stories When One Is Subject To Alien Hijacking And The Aliens Are All As Dangerous As Each Other. I Personally Used One Group Of Aliens To Get Me Out Of The First, Then Another Group To Get Me Out OF The Second.

Then I Used All Players From The Third Group As Experiments (Which Is What They Projected On ME) To Get To The Bottom Of All Things And For My Final Release.

And That Beloveds Is Now Complete.

So We All As One Forgive the Fake Lucifer. and The Alien Kidnappers.

The Great News Is That Mother Of New Creation, Aurora, Is Now Free And Safe From All Harm Be It Mental, Physical, Emotional Or Spiritual .

Ave Mariah And Praise The Lord!

Now God Will Bring The Real Lucifer Home Into The Light By His Holy Might And Truth And I Thank Him for Showing Me The Truth Of All Beings.