Energy Talks

Greetings Love Beings, Here’s What Came Through Most Recently On Topics Of Twin Flame Matters ;

The First Batch Of Experiences By The Twin Flame Community Is Officially Over! Congrats To All!

The Initial Divine Blue-Print Is Officially Reclaimed Into The Light.

We Thank The Soulless Bodies That Have Hosted Demonic Orgies And Parties And Have Allowed For the Full Release Of My Twin’s Soul Into The Light.

Uriel, Lucifer Father Of All Creation Is Officially OUT Of Jonah Terry’s Body Hologram For His Associating With Soulless Demons Who Have Threatened To Murder Me,

2018 Is The Beginning Of The New Now That The Divine Feminines Have All Been Granted The True Real Full Liberation.

This Was Staged By The Angels So Magically And Yesterday Feb 1 Was The Date For All Angelics Coming Into The Field And Showing Me How The New Rules Have Already Been Put Into Practice.

All False Family Dynamics Have Been Canceled Out. Old Contracts Rebuked And For What It’s Worth, The Being By The Earthly Name Of Jonah Terry Has Played His Cards And Dealt His Poker Deal And Has Received Absolution And Been Released From His Spiritual Mission And From The Galactic Federation.

Yesterday Was Truly A MAGICAL Day And The Galactic Federation SHOWED ME That The Company Of Heaven Is Indeed REAL And Here Now Always; They Sent Me Angels That Have Given Me All The Cues Needed For What Is About To Hit The Grids.

The Being Known To All As The Former Lucifer – Archangel Uriel – Father Of All Creation Is Officially Thanked For The Role He Played; He Made His Choice And Chose To End The Old Paradigm And Wasn’t Able To Carry Into His Vessel Energies For New Paradigm And New Creation So He May Feel Free To Continue On His Path With No Further Blame And Shame And Guilt And Doubt.

His Role Ends At Going To Soulless Demons And Performing Orgies. New Creation Father, They Are Showing Me, Is Being Prepped To Fully Embody Archangel Uriel – Lucifer Morning Star – Father OF All Creation . Clean Slate . New Beginnings For Many Feminine Twin Flames That Have Reported Being On 12 And 20 Year Journeys With A Lost Divine Masculine Body.

All these Extreme Cases Are Being Granted Absolution And Dissolution So We Thank Jonah Terry The Former Father Of All Creation For Saving The Twin Flame Template By Taking This On And Accepting To Cancel Out His Contract Of Ever Being The New.

The New Dawn Is Fast Approaching And I Mother Of Creation Will Be Paving The Way With All New Creation Divine Feminines. We Are Beyond The First Wave. We Are Wave Zero . At Zero Point.

They Are Showing Me All The Former Contracts Are Like Cigarettes In An Ashtray that Have Been Smoked And Turned Off.

Jonah Terry Is To Be Thanked For His Courage And Bravery To Drive To Soulless Situation And Invoke Aurora Into Soulless Bodies. Aurora Has, Through Those Rituals, Extracted Lucifer’s Soul From Jonah Terry’s Body Hologram; And Archangel Uriel, Lucifer, Father OF All Creation Has Been Freed Up Into The Aurora Borealis Winter Lights to Be Detoxed, Recoded And Is Being Light Shot Into A New Creation Divine Masculine Body That Will Bring Phase 2 : New Creation For All Children!

Rejoice Everyone And All Children Are Highly Anticipating New Creation Father …. 😉

The Angels Are Showing Me Snap Shots Of Possibilities All Night In My Dreams And Aurora Is Active In The Highest As To How She Recently Saved Her Beloved Lucifer From The Body Of An Incapable Being To Plow Forward With This!

Love And Gratitude To All ! You All Get Exactly What You Sow, Always Remember To Remember Yourselves In All And In Everything Or Divine Source Will Be Sure To do This For You!

You Can Keep Jonah’s “Penis” Dear Soulless People! And You May Rejoice And Enjoy That For Life! No Dears, Aurora Is Beyond Ascended And Has No Specific “Penis” Fixation. She Means Mission! Is All She Means. All Is Forgiven And Forgotten.

Time For New Creation Templates …. We Have Prayed For New Creation Father After We Released The Old And This Was Done For Many Divine Feminine Twins Who Have Earned This Right To Welcome In True Love Through Fresh Blank Slate.

Thanks To The Galactic Federation Of Light For Being So Here, Real True Present And Miraculous!